Animal Collective Biography

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Animal Collective Biography


Animal Collective – one of those names that are associated with the modern avant-garde scene. Although their music usually referred to rock, to define the genre, which employs Animal Collective, is not easy – too many experiments in their work. Even the band name is not so easy because it is constantly changing – some performers leave, others come back … In spite of this, Animal Collective has become popular for more than eight years, releasing a successful album after another.

The founders of Animal Collective, known as Panda Bear (Noah Lennox) and Deakin (Josh Dibb) have become friends in second grade. Later, Deakin created an alternative group Automine with Avey Tare (David Portner) and Geologist (Brian Weitz), whom he met in high school. All four were in different "combinations" with each other – for example, Panda Bear and Deakin jointly released an album under the name Panda Bear. In addition, they co-founded the label Soccer Star Records – initially only to let the same drive. But then his goal was the launch album of the group, and the label was named Animal. The album Spirit They're Gone, Spirit They've Vanished, which is considered to be the first disc Animal Collective, was almost entirely written by Avey Tare and appeared on the shelves in August 2000. The group then moved to New York where he recorded a second album, Danse Manatee (2001), based on the performances of musicians in the clubs. This approach – first to perform the song live, and then later in the studio recording – has become a proprietary technique Animal Collective.

The next release of the band, a live album Hollinndagain, published in 2002 edition of just 300 copies (each with unique artwork), and was among the fans of Animal Collective collector's rarity. This was followed by Campfire Songs, which appeared in March 2003. Also recorded live, it was based on club gigs Animal Collective in New York. According to the musicians, they tried to make it "warm and welcoming as the gatherings around the campfire." It is interesting that up to this point the band had no name – only after the record company decided that from a marketing point of view of musicians to come up with a name for themselves, they decided to pick something catchy. In addition, neither on one of these albums have not worked all four founders of the group. The first disc, on which they worked together, and which was released under the name Animal Collective, the album Here Comes The Indian, appeared on the shelves in June 2003.

The success of the two plates in 2003 attracted great attention to Animal Collective. This allowed them to sign a contract with a major record label Fat Cat Records, who in May 2004 released their record Sung Tongs. After a complex and intricate music of previous albums, the band decided to make something more accessible. As a result, Sung Tongs received critical praise for the simple melodies and exotic texts. In early 2005, Animal Collective released a mini album, Prospect Hummer, recorded with the cult folk singer Vashti Bunyan (musicians are fans of her CD Just Another Diamond Day). Followed, in October 2005, the disc was released Feels, has received the approval of both critics and fans. In 2006 he was re-released an old album Hollinndagain.

In late 2006, the band signed a record deal with Domino Recording Company, which in September 2007 released the next album, Animal Collective, called Strawberry Jam. It was written under the influence published in the same year, Person Pitch, a solo album, Panda Bear. Finally, in January 2009 saw the release of the last to date album, Animal Collective, known as the Merriweather Post Pavilion. Even before the official release of many publications and sites dubbed it "The best record in 2009." What to own Animal Collective, then in 2009 they planned a great tour, which ends at the festival September's ATP New York Festival. What to own Animal Collective, they did not stop there and continued to do: in 2010 their discography replenished very interesting work ODDSAC. Visuals created by Danny Perez and Animal Collective music complement each other perfectly on this concept LP, but there is no doubt that the composition of the quartet may well create an incredible atmosphere and themselves.