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Bio Seal

HBio Seal

enry Olusegun Olumide Forces Adeola Samuel, in a musical environment, known simply as the Force, was born to a Brazilian-Nigerian roots February 19, 1963 in Paddington, London, England. In England he was educated. Forces received an architectural education, but tried many professions – from designer clothing to electrical – not yet started to sing. In the mid-80s of the twentieth century, he toured Japan as part of the team funk Push, in Asia, joined the blues band from Thailand, and then traveled alone to India. When the artist returned to England, he met with renowned producer Adamski, and they recorded the single Killer. For this club track Forces wrote the text himself performed. Shortly Killer became a dance hit, and the Force was able to sign a solo contract. And in 1991, was released on the singer's first album, titled Seal. The producer of the disc and long-term business partner Trevor Horn has power. The album received multi-platinum status and has made its author popular in Europe and the United States.

To create a second album with the same title at the strength it took 3 years. The first single from their jobs, Prayer For The Dying, had quite a decent success, but here's the second track Kiss From A Rose, entered in the film Batman Forever soundtrack, became a sensation and brought the musician to three awards Grammy. In 1998, the Force has released its third album, Human Being, and dedicated it to murdered rappers Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls. The disc captures the dark and depressive mood, what influenced, of course, a difficult period in the life of the power – he is deeply experienced a serious quarrel and subsequent reconciliation with his producer Trevor Horn and the transition from the company ZTT Records at the studio Warner Bros. In 2001, fans eagerly awaited the release of new work force under the name Togetherland, but for some reason the album has not appeared on store shelves. The most common version was the suggestion that the singer himself canceled the release, arguing that Togetherland "not good enough." At the same time, the forces returned to the dance scene with the song My Visions and the duo Les Mots, recorded with French diva Mylene Farmer.

In 2003, the forces loyal fans finally pleased with his new creation, once again called Seal, although the album came out in Australia as Seal IV. Seal IV gave the world such hits as Waiting For You, Get It Together and Love's Divine. These songs have returned it to its former popularity in Europe and the USA. 2004 was a year out of the collection of the best songs Best 1991-2004. And in 2005 the singer released a live recording from their show in Paris, entitled simply Live In Paris. In the same year he married the German Forces top model Heidi Klum, becoming stepfather to her daughter. Later Forces and Heidi became proud parents of two sons who were born in 2005 and 2006. In June 2006, the actor played an exclusive concert at the mill building, an architectural monument Altes Kesselhaus in Dusseldorf (Germany). A unique record called One Night To Remember. In spring 2007, the Force reported that his new album System will be ready in November of that year. The author described the System as a return to the dance roots of his debut disc. On a track record entered Wedding Day, where the voices singing a duet strength and his wife Heidi Klum are filled with happiness. In autumn 2008, the singer presented a new work, which was symbolically named Soul (Soul), explaining that his music and the words come from the heart. On the album, he presented a well-known covers of soul hits. In 2009 the Force published a collection, called Hits. On this disc presents some of the strongest songs the singer. The seventh album was released a musician in 2010 and was named Commitment. The album is made to the traditionally high level, which is confirmed by audiophiles rave reviews and excellent ratings from critics. Thus, the Force has managed to release another LP very strong, proving that he is not only a wealth of new ideas, but also the power to implement them.