Biography 3 Doors Down

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Biography 3 Doors Down

3Biography Doors Down

3 Doors Down – American rock band based in the town Eskataupa, Mississippi, three school friends – Brad Arnold, Matt Roberts and Todd Harrell. Their popularity speaks at least the fact that during the existence of 3 Doors Down have time to make a duet with Lynyrd Skynyrd, Staind, Nickelback, Alter Bridge, Breaking Benjamin, Seether, Shinedown and Daughtry. In the U.S. alone, 3 Doors Down have sold more than 13 million albums. However, release of the first album they had to wait six years. If you believe a musician himself, initially their repertoire consisted of just four songs: "One song Bush, a song is Metallica, and a pair of their own." Interestingly, Brad Arnold, first going to be a drummer, however, during one of the first concerts revealed that want to sing anymore. In the end, the role of vocalist Arnold liked it.

The repertoire gradually expanded, 3 Doors Down, even made a few demos, but the band was unknown outside of the Mississippi, while in 2000 did not record the song Kryptonite, instantly became a hit (thanks in part to fans of 3 Doors Down, to ring up radio stations with a request to put this particular composition .) The resounding success attracted the attention of 3 Doors Down major labels – the same year the band signed to Republic Universal and released her debut album The Better Life. Was produced by Toby Wright, the famous, who worked with Alice in Chains and Korn. Be Like That song is the soundtrack to the movie American Pie 2. The second disc, Away From The Sun, was released in 2002 and was even more successful – it went platinum in Australia and four times platinum in the U.S.. Two songs from it, Here Without You and When I'm Gone, became recognized hits. Following, in 2003, went live album consisting of recordings from performances in Chicago in support of the album Away From The Sun.

In the same 2003 3 Doors Down founded his own charity program The Better Life Foundation. They organize an annual concert titled 3 Doors Down And Friends, giving all the proceeds "to those who need it most." For example, in 2006 the money went to victims of Hurricane Katrina. Released in 2005 CD Seventeen Days was a continuation of endless triumph of 3 Doors Down, once again becoming the platinum, and the song Let Me Go and Behind Those Eyes were on the tops of the charts. Landing In London song was written with the assistance of the famous American rock singer and songwriter Bob Seger. Finally, the last album, 3 Doors Down, named the same as the group itself, hit the stores in May 2008. It became the single Citizen / Soldier, honoring America's National Guard. May 30 was supposed to start 3 Doors Down Tour of Britain, but the band postponed touring indefinitely.