Biography Cat Power

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Biography Cat Power

CBiography Cat Power

harlene Sean Marshall, acting under the name Cat Power, was born in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Her father, Charlie Marshall – touring pianist and blues musician. Charlene's parents divorced and her childhood she moved it to one of them, to my grandmother. Later, Cat Power said that this experience has prepared her well for the life of a professional artist. Before finishing high school, Cat Power began performing in his native Atlanta. With that interest in music at that time wore a rather amateurish nature – many friends of Cat Power playing in local bands. In 1992, the singer went to New York with musicians Glen Thrasher. Thrasher put Cat Power in the local artistic community, then she is really attracted to music. She has performed with many local groups, and in 1994 was the opening act for Liz Phair. Soon after, Cat Power met Steve Shelley of Sonic Youth and Tim Foglia of Two Dollar Guitar, who persuaded her to record and helped the singer for a long time at work.

In 1995 he released his first CD of the performer Dear Sir. In 1996 it was followed by the album Myra Lee, who Cat Power named in honor of his mother. Both works were written in the same day in 1994, and in the structure of the song shows the influence of experimental music. In 1996 the singer signed to Matador Records and released the album What Would The Community Think with the lead single, Nude As The News. At the end of 1996 Cat Power went first in Portland, Oregon, and then, in Prosperity, South Carolina, where she settled with her then-boyfriend. She wanted to take a break from the scene, but once she suffered from insomnia, and for just one night artist wrote a few songs. For 11 days, she recorded the album Moon Pix, which brought her fame in the indie-rock circles. However, shortly Cat Power said she was tired of his material, and began playing live covers. The original, bold and minimalist interpretation of the famous songs of different performers – from Bob Dylan to the White Stripes – revealed the audience's talent as a Cat Power cover maker.

Published in 1998 and 1999, The Covers Record albums have included many of the covers that Cat Power performed at concerts. In 2003, the artist has released a disc of material You Are Free, in which participated over Dave Grohl. In 2005, Cat Power toured extensively. In January 2006 she released her album The Greatest. But a lot of concerts in support of this work have been canceled, as Cat Power suffered a nervous breakdown due to alcohol abuse. However, the singer returned to the stage in April 2006 and appeared before the audience in great shape. Cat Power stated that it has successfully solved the problem with alcohol. In October 2006, the artist has become an official representative of a line of jewelry by Chanel. Her unforgettable voice could be heard in several promotional videos, including GAP and Garnier. She also made her debut in films. In 2007, Cat Power became the first woman to receive the award Shortlist Music Prize, and The Greatest was voted album of the year. In January 2008, Cat Power with her new team of The Dirty Delta Blues Band released an album of covers Jukebox, again impressing listeners with his wonderful reading of songs by other artists. Later that same year, the sale there was a mini-album, the singer, who was called Dark End Of The Street. The structure of the disc includes songs that were not on the Jukebox.