Biography Chicane

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Biography Chicane

BBiography Chicane

ritish musician Breysgirdl Nicholas, better known as Chicane, was born in 1971 in the UK capital. As a child he learned to play the piano and classical guitar, and later on Nick was greatly influenced by electronic music. Songs by artists such as Jean-Michel Jarre, Vince Clarke, and many others greatly influenced the fate of the musician. Chicane has a desire to create a melodic dance music, and he decided to achieve this goal: in twelve years he worked on demos and sent them to various labels.

Offshore debut single from the first album Far From The Maddening Crowds (1997) was released in 1996 and immediately attracted the attention of music lovers. Later this song became one of the best known and most recognizable songs the musician. The album Far From The Maddening Crowds got great reviews of experts, and fans of electronic music, she relished. Release the next album Behind The Sun took place in 2000, and the main single from it, Saltwater (1999), a real club hit, as well as Offshore. The album Behind The Sun was very strong and successful, as evidenced by its Gold status.

In 2007 came the third studio album Chicane, was called Somersault. That's when the musician faced with Internet piracy, and he had to seriously address this problem. In financial terms, Somersault was a disaster because of the illegal distribution of the vast World Wide Web, but the quality of the plate is not in doubt. In 2008 Chicane released a gorgeous collection of The Best Of Chicane: 1996-2008, which includes his best songs and remixes.

The fourth studio musician work was published in 2010 and was named the Giants. Traditionally, the album was original and strong, made in clearly identifiable style of Chicane. Nick has many fans appreciated his new job, which no doubt will appeal to all fans of electronic dance music.