Biography Chris Cornell

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Biography Chris Cornell

CBiographyhris Cornell

Chris Cornell – American singer and musician who has achieved great success as a member of Soundgarden, and as a solo artist. He was born in Seattle, July 20, 1964. Chris began to seriously pursue music as early as adolescence, sitting just a drummer in several bands that played hard rock and punk. After high school he found a job as a cook, and later joined the band Soundgarden, which after several changes in the composition and several years of unproductive activity was generated in a highly respected and influential group.

The new team took over the Cornell vocal duties. Soundgarden did not play beloved by American teenage punk-rock, but he preferred a slow and thoughtful music, inspired by the works of Black Sabbath. Golden era in the history of the group occurred in the early nineties, when the band released one after another powerful albums Badmotorfinger (1991), Superunknown (1994) and Down on the Upside (1996). From release to release Chris' vocals become more confident and stronger. As a result, he abandoned the extreme style of performance inherent in the earlier work of his team, and was actually singing, not shouting words. Chris cool checkered lyrics, which, however, acquire a definite meaning only in conjunction with the music.

Soundgarden format did not allow Cornell to the end to realize all his ideas, so the singer was involved in side projects. First, he organized a group of Temple of the Dog, which lasted less than three years (1990-1992), broke up. Then Chris took part in recording a cover of Jimi Hendrix Hey Baby (New Rising Sun), presented at the 1993 tribute to Stone Free: A Tribute to Jimi Hendrix. In 1994 due to heavy loads Cornell's vocal cords were extremely overstretched. In order not to worsen their condition, the band Soundgarden decided to cancel part of the planned concerts. Chris found time to write songs for other artists, including the legendary Alice Cooper. In 1997, Soundgarden ceased to exist. Cornell went to work on a solo album, which came to light in 1999, entitled Euphoria Morning. Chris walked away from the heavy guitar sound, characteristic of his former group, and suggested that a softer and more melodic stuff, tailored specifically for his voice. Remix Mission (renamed the Mission in 2000) entered the soundtrack to Mission Impossible 2. Then came his first solo tour of Chris, a program which covers all stages of the creative singer.

In 2000, Chris was going for the time away from the musical affairs in connection with the birth of his son, but his plans were disrupted after he had the opportunity to take part in a very promising project. Cornell has agreed to become the new singer in the band Rage Against the Machine, which is due to change in the singer has been renamed to Audioslave. In November 2002 released a new formation under the same title their debut full-length disc. Jobs created a furor in the world of rock music, and received the status of multi-platinum disc. The second disc Team, Out of Exile (2005), debuted on Billboard at number one, and the subsequent album, Revelations (2006) cemented the band's success. In the same year, citing creative differences, Chris Cornell left Audioslave and took up the preparation of his second solo album, Carry On. Largely autobiographical, containing songs that are not coming up in the style of Audioslave, the album was born in 2007. In spring 2009 the release of the third solo work at Cornell, called Scream. Musician experimented with the sounds of the plate, and the result was simply wonderful: Scream made its debut at the tenth line of the Billboard 200. There is no doubt that the LP will satisfy old fans and the artist, and those who are only going to get acquainted with the work of Cornell.