Biography Morrissey

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Biography Morrissey

SBiography Morrissey

teven Patrick Morrissey was born May 22, 1959 in Manchester, England. In his youth he was a very humble guy, and spent much time in solitude, doing music and writing music articles. In the late seventies, he tried his hand at punk rock. After Stephen was unable to gain a foothold in the group Slaughter the Dogs, he briefly sang in a group Nosebleeds. In 1982 Morrissey met guitarist Johnny Marr, and together they formed one of the most successful projects of the time, the band The Smiths. In 1983, the band rocked on the underground, releasing his debut single, Hand in Glove, which contained a hint on the topic of homosexuality. Morrissey has been actively promoted by a group of his brilliant ability to communicate with the press. In interviews, he often allowed himself to harsh words and tried to hold unconventional views, which increased the interest in him personally and to the very collective. In addition, he wrote a very interesting lyrics, which have also received considerable attention.

After the resounding success of the first full-length album, The Smiths, released in 1984, Stephen became increasingly turn to their songs to political issues, regularly criticizing Margaret Thatcher. In 1986 The Smiths released their strongest record, The Queen Is Dead, but after a year, Morrissey and Marr conflict has led to the latter decided to leave the team. Soon after this, Stephen has decided to dissolve the band and in full, and to pursue a solo career. In 1988, Morrissey released his first album, Viva Hate, as a very successful commercially and musically plate. After that, the singer went into the studio for a long time to cook the second disc. In this work he took a long time, and that fans are not bored, he proposed a collection of Bona Drag (1990). The long-awaited Kill Uncle album was released in 1991, but with its release of Morrissey's too late. By the time a wide audience switched to a different music. As a singer's career came a difficult period. He quarreled with his managers and badly tarnished the reputation of Nazi slogans in several of his songs. Despite everything, he found new musicians and recorded the best rock album of his career, Your Arsenal, very warmly welcomed by the public. Morrissey concerts in the U.S. have caused tremendous excitement and invariably took place in crowded rooms.

Such a warm welcome back to American soil Stephen confidence in himself and persuaded him to move permanently to Los Angeles. In 1994 he recorded the album a much more peaceful, Vauxhall and I, from which the single, The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get, hit the Top 50. In 1995 the market entered a collection of the best things, and unreleased songs, The World of Morrissey, followed by immediately followed by a release of new album Southpaw Grammar, which formed the basis of progressive rock. Such music was liked by no means all fans of Stephen and his popularity waned. Attempts to return to its former glory with the album Maladjusted (1997) or to no avail. Morrissey set off in search of new musical ideas and a new label. This process has dragged on for seven years, during which the actor reminded of himself only concert performances, which, however, still have a lot fans. Finally, in 2004 he has pleased his loyal fans new studio album, You Are the Quarry. A year later, Morrissey released kontserntik Live at Earls Court. Having gained a second wind, a musician prepared in 2006, yet another studio album, Ringleader of the Tormentors. Two years later, in the discography of Morrissey added a collection of his hits Greatest Hits. At the beginning of 2009 saw the release of his new album Years Of Refusal. In 2009 the musician added to his discography, releasing a collection of The HMV / Parlophone Singles '88-'95, containing 62 tracks. Overall, 2009 proved to be very productive for the artist, he released another book, called Swords. On this disc are b-sides from the previous three longpleev musician: You Are The Quarry, Ringleader Of The Tormentors and Years Of Refusal.