Biography of Beyonce

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Biography of Beyonce

BBiography ofeyonce

Beyonce Knowles was born in Houston in 1981. His artistic career she began in the group Destiny's Child, and became famous not only as a participant in one of the most successful RB-teams, but also as an actress and solo performer. As a child, Beyoncé was a shy and introverted child. However, in the age of seven, she began to dance and soon took part in many local competitions. The girl's parents did not expect much success on the stage from such a humble child. Since then, dancing and singing became her best way of expression. Beyonce has made a successful career not only because of innate talent, but also strength of will and amazing performance. Due to the hard work of Beyoncé and other participants of Destiny's Child made its own group leader in sales of women's teams in history.

His solo career began Beyonce fall of 2002, taking part in a single, Jay-Z titled '03 BonnieClyde. In the spring of 2003 she did a remake of Luther Vandross on the song The Closer I Get to You. The duo was awarded the Grammy for best vocal performance. In 2003, Beyonce released her first album, Dangerously in Love. The single Crazy in Love, recorded with Jay-Z, was a major hit of the summer and stayed at the top of the best singles Billbord 8 weeks. The album also peaked first in the UK, Canada, as well as the Billboard 200 Pop and RB. Total sales of the disc to date is 4 million copies in the U.S. and 8 million copies worldwide. The second single, Baby Boy, recorded with Sean Paul broke the record for Crazy in Love, lingering on the first line of Billboard for a week longer. The next two singles, Me, Myself and I and Naughty Girl, were taken a little worse, reaching only a third position. At the Grammy Awards in 2004 Beyoncé was the winner of five awards, winning in the prestigious Award for Best Contemporary RB-album. In the same year, Beyoncé won awards Brit Awards as the best performer. In December 2005, Beyoncé released a new song Check On It with the participation of rapper Slim Thug. The composition included in the album Destiny's Child # 1's and the soundtrack to the film The Pink Panther. In 2006, Beyoncé won a Grammy for the song together with Stevie Wonder So Amazing, dedicated to the memory of Luther Vandross.

In September 2006, released her second album B'Day. The release took place on a plate on the birthday of Beyonce. In the first week after the album has sold over 500,000 copies. In the U.S., it went triple platinum. However, critics pointed out that this disc, recorded in a very short period of time, inferior to the debut work of the singer. Beyonce admitted that she set out to become the first African-American woman, received Grammy, Emmy and Oscar. It has succeeded not only in the music scene, but also in the movie. In February 2006, Beyoncé played a pop singer in the movie The Pink Panther. But the really her acting talent was in the film Dreamgirls, based on the history of The Supremes. Revenues Beyonce brings not only creativity. Along with fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger perfumes she released True Star and True Star Gold, launched her own clothing line House of Dereon. The singer takes part in charity activities. In 2005 she co-founded Survival Foundation Fund for victims of Hurricane Katrina. Beyonce's third studio album will be released in November 2008.

I Am … Sasha Fierce (2008) was the third solo studio album Beyonce. The album consisted of two parts: the first disc I Am … Sasha Fierce has included eight of sentimental ballads, submitted on behalf of itself Beyonce. This part was a romantic, gentle and close to the mainstream. The second dance disc, consisting of eight rhythmic compositions, has been associated with the image of Sasha Fierce, a more daring and aggressive alter ego singer. It includes a fairly traditional style of her songs in RB. In 2009 the market entered a collection of Above Beyonce: Dance Mixes, which consisted of dance remixes of popular hits of the singer.