Biography of Billy Joel

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Biography of Billy Joel

OBiography of Billy Joel

ne of the most outstanding American pianists and singers, William Martin Joel was born on May 9, 1949 in New York. At the age of four years, he began to learn the basics of piano playing. His first concert of Billy played as a musician of The Echoes, in 1965. Two years later he became a member of another band, The Hassles. This formation has had time to release two albums before you cease to exist. The next stage in the musical work was the creation of Joel's duo Attila. The resulting music was too complex and confusing for the listener, causing the total failure of a single album, Attila. Failures in professional activities and problems in his personal life brought Joel to despair. He tried to poison himself, but doctors managed to save him. In 1971, Billy began his solo career with the signing of an extremely unfavorable contract with the company Family Productions in Los Angeles. Due to the low quality of recording the first album, the artist was a disappointment.

During the tour, in support of their debut release, Joel performed a new song Captain Jack. With this arrangement he was able to interest the company Columbia Records. With great difficulty, the singer was able to free himself from the obligations prescribed by his previous contract. The song, which opens a new album, Piano Man (1973), became the first big hit Billy, which came in the Top 20. Plate itself has not sold well after its release. Only a few years later, when Billy Joel was the star of the international level, he was able to sell over four million copies of this album. The next studio album from an artist was a real disappointment, and he decided to return to New York and find new artists. The new album, Billy, Turnstiles did not meet his expectations, despite the fact that it was presented a few notable tracks, including the New York State of Mind and Say Goodbye To Hollywood. Fame after the release of Joel The Stranger (1977), one of the best records ever released by Columbia Records. Among her songs had four hits included the Top 40. This work brought Joel his first Grammy. This was followed by two other releases, commercially successful and musically interesting. The material of the plates was a new kind of rock 'n' roll who performed mostly by piano and percussion without the use of guitars.

In 1981, the market has its first live album by Billy Joel, Songs in the Attic. It was a collection of mostly unknown songs written by a musician at the beginning of his career. The album is easily picked up platinum. While working on a new studio album Billy had an accident on his motorcycle and divorced his wife. Despite the difficult circumstances he was able to give another powerful album, The Nylon Curtain, who took seventh place in the Billboard. In 1987, Joel released a collection of his best songs on two discs. Two years later he became the first American artists visited the Soviet Union with a concert. This performance was recorded and released as an album called Concert. The last studio album the singer, River of Dreams, was released in 1993 and debuted on Billboard at the first position. Further musical activity was limited to only a Billy concert performances. He had to stop work in the studio is mainly due to problems with alcohol, haunted him for several years now. Singer studio album, River of Dreams, was released in 1993 and debuted on Billboard at the first position. Billy had to suspend work in the studio is mainly due to problems with alcohol, haunted him for several years now. However, in 2000 left a disc in 2000 Years: The Millennium Concert, in 2001 and already released a studio album, Fantasies Delusions of classical works, played by Joel. The record in 2004 Piano Man: The Very Best Of introduced a collection of the best songs, and in 2006 released the album 12 Gardens Live recordings from concerts in Billy Madison Square Garden. On stage, Joel remained a great master of his craft, touring independently or in conjunction with Elton John. In 1999, Billy Joel was included in the Hall of Fame Rock and Roll.