Biography of Cascada

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Biography of Cascada

CBiography ofascada

Cascada – this is an outstanding dance project from Germany, the protagonist of which is the singer Cascada. It helps producers DJ Manian and Yanou. This formation was officially established in Bonn in 2004. Real name Cascada – Natalie Horler. She was born in Germany but grew up in England. Her mother is a teacher of foreign languages, and her father – a professional jazz musician. That he had a strong impact on the interests of his daughter, and she instilled a love of music. Thanks to Natalie's father has always been able to get at the disposal of any necessary equipment for the recording itself, performing mostly jazz and Disney songs. The girl was by nature endowed with great vocal abilities, but also a lot of studying dance. When she was seventeen, Natalie preferences have shifted toward dance music. At the time she was a lot to communicate with local DJs and began recording his vocals for their tracks. Eventually, she met with Jan Pfeiffer (Yanou) and Manuel Reuter (DJ Manian). They worked together three great and decided to create their own dance project.

Initially the group was called the Cascade, but later the musicians had to rename Cascada, in order to avoid litigation with another team with the same name that came to light earlier. In order to draw attention to themselves, the Germans chose an old and proven method. They began recording covers of songs by famous artists. That's why the first album of Cascada mostly consisted of cover versions. Named for its most successful single, Everytime We Touch (2004) produced in the world of dance music bombshell, became a sensation in the U.S. and Europe. Eight songs from this album were released as singles, but most of all remember this song Everytime We Touch. This single earned gold status in several countries, with the highest popularity throughout the album. Sales of this CD will soon make Cascada most successful in commercial terms by the German project and the new star in the sky dance music. More than three million copies of the album have been sold worldwide. Large-scale tour, held on different continents and in a few months, a long time did not allow the group to appear in the studio to prepare new material.

The Germans began to record a new disc in 2007. The process of creating records under the name Perfect Day went as fast as in the case of the first disc. Within a few weeks the market has another example of dance music. Its main difference from the debut Cascada lay in the fact that this CD has found a place and a slow ballad compositions, indicating that the group's attempts to diversify its repertoire. Perfect Day Cascada reaffirmed the status as one of the most exciting projects in the mainstream, and has sold in excess of one million copies. In the U.S., this album was recommended to some other set of tracks, as Cascada did not have North American rights to a number of tracks, covers of which were represented on this disc. In the summer of 2009 the trio from Germany presented its third album, Evacuate the Dance Floor. The Group continued to expand the horizons of his creative experimentation and added to his classic sound of dance elements from other genres. As a result of new studio work Cascada came to mind and those who fell in love with a team from the beginning and a new audience. Once again for the title of the disc was chosen the name of one of his singles.