Biography of Ciara

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Biography of Ciara

CBiography of Ciara

iara was born in Texas October 25, 1985. Her father was a military man, so in the future child, the singer has repeatedly moved until the family is settled in Atlanta. Initially, the girl is most attracted to careers top model. At school she was a team leader support, largely because of its appearance and energy. However, plans changed girl after she met with the work of the group Destiny's Child, whose success inspired the girl to start a musical career. The first step was to take part in the team Hera Say. Already at the age of sixteen Ciara decided it was time to pursue a solo career.

Great success for the young performer was a meeting with producer Jazze Pha, who said working with 2pac, Ludacris, and other prominent artists. This man has done little for the singer himself, but helped her find the right company and the right people. Pha and Ciara have only one well-known song, 1,2 Step. It was enough to artist interested in Lil Jon, who saw in her a future star, and agreed to work on her debut album Goodies. In order to attract listeners, first in the summer of 2004 was released single Goodies, became a sensation in the world of music and leader of the RB charts in several countries. In the autumn of that year, Ciara has already submitted a full-length album of the same name. He showed the young performers, what should be their first CD. Only in the U.S. album has sold in excess of two million copies. The success was not accidental. The album was attended by Missy Elliott, Ludacris, and R. Petit, Pablo Kelly. In addition, a carefully thought out and the disc material itself. The young singer sang all the songs perfectly, earnestly singing about the problems so familiar to most teenagers, which was designed this project.

The second single, Ciara, 1, 2 Step, was recorded with Missy Elliott and released on sale in early 2005. This composition took second place in the U.S. and third largest in the UK, where this music came about the same time. In May 2005, Ciara issued a third single, Oh, which re-entered the charts in America and Great Britain. Shortly thereafter, the clips on all three singles could be seen on the first DVD of the singer. Having succeeded as a solo performer, Ciara was regularly involved in projects of other artists. So, she helped write the song Missy Elliott Lose Control for the album The Cookbook. She also noted on the disk Bow Wow, Wanted, performing the song with him Like You. In December 2005, 2005 Ciara went on a tour of Harajuku Lovers Tour with Gwen Stefani. She has also performed alongside Bow Wow and Chris Brown. After that, the press has been increasingly referred to on star romance between Ciara and Bow Wow, but their relationship quickly ended. In the most common version, the reason for their termination was "bad behavior» Bow Wow.

Ciara took her first Grammy Award in February 2006 for the video that was filmed for the song Lose Control, performed by her in a duet with Elliott. Then the singer took part in a charity single I Have This Dream, produced by Michael Jackson made. Checking out the work with other artists, ad campaigns and participation in the recording of the soundtrack, Ciara returned to the studio to the end of 2006 to release a second CD. In creating Evolution was also attended by the best experts, and the plate is completely paid off in commercial terms. However, experts agree that this album lacked sincerity and adolescent emotions, which featured the singer first job. However, this does not impact on the sales records, ensured her platinum status. Output third album, the singer was held in 2009. The album called Fantasy Ride, and was very, very successful. Singer did not make their fans wait long for the next studio work: in 2010 the release of longpleya Basic Instinct, which has received great reviews from critics. In addition, the creation of this album, Ludacris took a direct part (in the song Ride) and Asher (the track Turn It Up), which says a lot about the highest level of Basic Instinct.