Biography of Cut Copy

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Biography of Cut Copy

TBiography of Cut Copy

he group Cut Copy, whose musical style is difficult to attribute to any one genre, was formed in the early twenty-first century, the capital of Australia. Creative team includes elements of genres such as electro, synth pop, disco-punk, and many others. This combination had the taste to music lovers around the world, and Cut Copy were able to get the attention it deserves.

In 2004 the world saw the debut album – Bright Like Neon Love. The album received excellent reviews from critics, and students seriously interested in music, Cut Copy. In 2005 the band went on their first international tour, performing with such renowned bands like Franz Ferdinand, Junior Senior, Bloc Party and others. Energy of live performances left nobody indifferent, and two years later again Cut Copy pleased the audience during the tour Nevereverland. In Sydney for the concert came about fifty thousand people – the perfect proof that Cut Copy managed to find its audience.

In 2008 the band released a second album In Ghost Colours. It turned out to be less bright than the debut work of Cut Copy, and experts reiterated the interesting mix of different styles. The trio deftly blends indie rock and electronic elements, resulting in an original and memorable sound. It should be noted that the compositions of the musicians were very popular. So, the song Lights And Music got the official soundtrack to the game FIFA 09.

Three years later, discography Cut Copy supplemented with a new studio longpleem Zonoscope. To make an album cover of the famous trio of selected work by Japanese artist and master of photomontage Tsunehisha Kimura. No doubt, the combination of music, Cut Copy, and Kimura's masterpiece came out very good. Of course, as shown in Zonoscope material can not be doubted – Cut Copy proved that they can create original music, anything not limiting yourself.