Biography of Cyndi Lauper

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Biography of Cyndi Lauper

CBiography ofyndi Lauper

Cyndi Lauper was born in Brooklyn, New York area, June 22, 1953. She did not complete their education in high school, and chose a school bench, microphone stand and began to sing in the number of local groups. Cindy is so often performed, and spared himself, which ultimately damaged his vocal cords. Doctors even told her that she will never be able to sing, but through hard training, she proved them wrong. His first song Cindy wrote with keyboardist John Turi, with whom he formed a duo Blue Angel in 1977. After several years of performing, they released their debut album, which has the same name. This work has suffered a complete failure, and soon after that Lauper was in difficult financial circumstances that forced her to end the Blue Angel.

Cindy continued her musical career, performing in clubs and restaurants. With the help of her manager and boyfriend David Wulff it has made a contract with the studio Portrait. In 1983 was born her first solo album, She's So Unusual. Actively supported by the channel of MTV, always move in the air music video for the single Girls Just Want to Have Fun, this release will become the premier opening of the spring of 1984. In the end, he took fourth in the ranking of the best albums of the United States, was five times platinum and won recognition in the UK. Released after the Girls Just Want to Have Fun second single, Time After Time, won first place in the national charts, but only in the top ten songs included four songs from this album. Cindy was the first artist ever to achieve such an outstanding figure. She's So Unusual Lauper brought immense popularity, but keep it the singer could not. Her second studio album, True Colors (1986), had a soft and modern sounding than audacious debut album, and despite the chart success and critical acclaim, a significant part of disappointed fans of Cindy. Career Lauper rolled down the incline. Singer's acting debut in the movie Vibes failed, and the new album, A Night to Remember (1989), had lower sales and heights not reached in the rankings.

In 1993, the release of a new job Cindy, Hat Full of Stars. She has acted as an author and producer, but it did not bring dividends – another failure. The situation straightened collection of Twelve Deadly Cyns … and Then Some, who had been warmly received in Britain, but in the U.S. interest is not aroused. The new studio work Lauper, Sisters of Avalon, went on sale in 1997. Against the background of previous failures, this disc looks much more preferable, and received rave reviews, but in commercial terms did not meet expectations. Already in 1998 released a new album next Cindy, Merry Christmas … Have a Nice Life! It was an experiment with rock and folk music. It is noteworthy that on this album you can hear the voice of Cindy's son, Deklina. In 2001 he released the album Shine, which Lauper returned to her pop-rock roots. Two years later, the disc was released At Last, which was well received by listeners. On the basis of the tour, conducted in support of it, it was a concert DVD, Live … At Last. This was followed by a collection of acoustic versions of songs from previous works Cindy, The Body Acoustic (2005). In the spring of 2008 went on sale the next album, Lauper, Bring Ya to the Brink. Lauper continues to give concerts and to act in defense of human rights. She is often invited to a rally in support of the interests of sexual minorities. In 2010, singer discography supplemented with traditionally strong album Memphis Blues. The content is consistent with the name – the disc is in the style of the blues, which was a pleasant surprise for many of its listeners. In addition, Memphis Blues immediately attracted the attention of not only music fans but also music experts, who indicated the highest level of performance.