Biography of Jack Johnson

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Biography of Jack Johnson

JBiography ofack Johnson

Jack Johnson Howden was born in Hawaii. Like his father, he soon began to surf. But it was interested in cinema, and in fourteen years learned to play guitar. The young man listened to artists such as Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, Neil Young and The Beatles. Jack was the youngest contestant Pipeline surfers under the age of seventeen years. However, in the same year he suffered a serious injury and during treatment turned to music as a means of expression. At that time, Jack was a student of film offices in the University of California, Santa Barbara. Soon after Johnson first tried his hand as a singer-songwriter and producer of a documentary film about surfer Thicker Than Water, which he took with his friends Chris Malloy and Emmett Malloy.

The film received numerous accolades, and the Johnson was invited to record an album Philadelphonic G. Love. During the study, Jack also met his future wife, Kim. The debut of the artist, Brushfire Fairytales, was released in 2001. Acoustic guitar and soft, melodic vocals Johnson mesmerized the listeners around the world. His second work On And On was released in 2003 and was completed in the same vein: slow and midtempo songs with minimalist accompaniment. Followed in March 2005 album, In Between Dreams in the same calm and charmingly melancholic manner narrated about love, friendship and the simple pleasures of life. But on songs such as If I Could and the Crying Shame, Johnson touched on such eternal themes as death and war.

Johnson continued to write music for films, and also became a member of the band Soil. He graduated from University with a film-formation, and determined to link their future profession with art. In 2008 the singer released his CD Sleep Through The Static – perhaps the most melancholy of all his works. Nevertheless, fans, and Johnson, and previously unfamiliar with his work, students will certainly love this CD, slow song with which envelop the listener friendly atmosphere. Album Sleep Through The Static perfectly demonstrates how the actor moves forward in the works, with no change in his customary style. In 2009, Johnson released a live album, which shows the recordings made during the tour Sleep Through the Static World Tour 2008. This album was called En Concert, and the profits from the tour and sales En Concert will go to charities Kokua Hawaii Foundation and the Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation. Release of fifth studio longpleya Jack was in 2010 – To The Sea confidently debuted at number one on the Billboard 200, which says a lot about the highest level of this work. Designed in the style of a musician clearly identifiable, the album To The Sea will be of interest to all lovers of heartfelt music and lyrics that make you think.