Biography of Kelly Clarkson

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Biography of Kelly Clarkson

SBiography of Kelly Clarkson

uperstar American pop music Kelly Clarkson was born in Fort Worth, Texas, April 24, 1982. She grew up in an ordinary family, school teacher and engineer, who divorced when the future singer was a little girl. Clarkson began to sing regularly after was accepted into the school choir. In 2000, she graduated from high school and decided to make their own demo tape, which was working several jobs at once. However, it made the record is not particularly attracted the attention of record companies, which became a big hit for the girls. Realizing that a musical career would be easier to build in a big city, Kelly moved to Hollywood. In order to provide themselves with a new place, she starred in the television series Sabrina, the Teenage Witch and That 80's, and sang a small role in the film Issues 101. After the fire, which left nothing to her apartment, Clarkson returned to her native town. The girl did not lose time and was busy working in the theater, bars, amusement parks and even shootings in advertising drink Red Bull.

A watershed moment in the life of Kelly Clarkson was her victory in the competition for young singers American Idol in 2002. This was the starting point for her career. Kelly's debut single, A Moment Like This, reached the fourth line in the Top 40 and showed the audience a young singer with big plans and no less great talent. Kelly could go the way many young artists who have managed to light up with just one song, and then quickly forget about them. But Clarkson was able to find the right people who helped her avoid this fate. Among them was Christina Aguilera, who agreed to sing along with Kelly on her second single Miss Independent. As a result, the song bombshell, and did not descend from the summit of the Top 40 in three weeks. In April 2003, Clarkson students presented their first album called Thankful. Plate took less than a year to become a double-platinum in the U.S. and one of the best-selling titles in neighboring Canada. The single Miss Independent Kelly brought a nomination for a Grammy. In 2004, the singer gave a little concert, focusing on preparations for the next album, Breakaway. The disc was released in November 2004 and was marked by a number of hits worldwide. Home Breakaway, sponsored by Avril Lavigne has reached the highest mark in the Top 40 U.S.. Ensuing singles Since U Been Gone and Behind These Hazel Eyes were even more successful, held out at the top of the charts for several weeks.

The outstanding results of these songs made people talk about Kelly Clarkson as the best performer in the United States. After the release of the fourth single, Because Of You, the album Breakaway was five times platinum in the U.S. and Canada. It was only the fourth disc in the history of statistics, which did not leave better Twenty Billboard for over a year. In February 2006, Kelly Clarkson was nominated for two Grammy Awards. Spring and summer she spent in continuous tour. In late 2006, Kelly returned to the studio to take up the third album. This time, she tried to write songs herself, becoming the author of most of the material presented on this disc. The work is called My December, and was much closer to rock than the official release of the first two singers. While not all fans of Kelly liked the abandonment of the old sound, the album sold over two and a half million copies. Critics, in turn, praised the singer for the desire to seek new ideas and solutions.

Students were looking forward to what Kelly Clarkson prepares for his next release, All I Ever Wanted (2009). Clarkson's fourth album in its sound, in general, similar to its 2005 CD Breakaway. Kelly has co-authored six of the 14 tracks album. On All I Ever Wanted includes songs about the separation and rock ballads. The album opens with melodic and catchy single My Life Would Suck Without You, who finished top of the charts on Billboard Hot 100, an incredible rise which broke all records for the history of the chart.