Biography of Kim Wilde

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Biography of Kim Wilde

BBiography of Kim Wilde

ritish singer Kim Wilde was born in 1960 in Chiswick, west area of ​​Greater London. With music by Kim familiar since childhood – her father, Marty Wilde, was a singer in a rock band, and her mother, Joyce Baker, was a singer in the group The Vernons Girls. When Wilde was nine years old, she and her family moved to Hertfordshire, and soon began to learn to play piano. Kim was admitted to the College of Arts of St. Alban, where she received the necessary experience, which later helped her in the works. She continued to hone skills and improve themselves, and their efforts were crowned with success: in 1980, Kim demos caught the attention of professionals label RAK Records, and the Wild signed its first contract.

In 1981 he saw the light of the singer's debut single Kids In America, which became her calling card. Composition steadily topped the charts in many countries, and the first studio LP Kim Wilde, released in the same 1981, only confirmed the high level of skill singer. The release next album Select Kim was in 1982, and this album surprised many listeners a new, more electronic sound. However, Select has received excellent reviews of experts, who noted not only an impressive sound, but also some very interesting lyrics. In 1983, Wilde released the album Catch As Catch Can, and shortly after its release it has signed a new contract with MCA Records.

The fourth studio album the singer was named Teases Dares (1984), and the first time on the album, Kim presented two songs of her own compositions – music before she wrote her father and brother. In 1986, Kim discography replenished strong album, Another Step, and, interestingly, almost all the songs on it were written by the very artist. Career Kim gaining momentum, and such of its LP as Close (1988), Love Moves (1990), Love Is (1992) and Now Forever (1995) have pleased old fans of Wilde and helped her win the hearts of new fans. In the mid-nineties there was a very important and joyful event in the life of the singer: in 1996, Kim married a musician Hal Flaulera. In 1998 the couple first child was born Harry Tristen, and in 2000 a daughter, Elizabeth Rose.

The long-awaited tenth album, Kim was released in 2006 and was named Never Say Never. On the LP were presented eight brand new songs and five old songs recycled. Return to the world of music (from the previous work of Kim passed eleven years) was fine – Never Say Never album debuted with confidence on the top lines of many European charts. In 2010, saw the light of the new album Wild Come Out And Play, which proved the highest level of skill of the performer. No doubt, Come Out And Play will be enjoyed not only old fans of Kim, but also to all lovers of good music.