Biography of Lily Allen

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Biography of Lily Allen

LBiography of Lily Allen

ily Rose Allen was born May 2, 1985 in the family of comedian Keith Allen. As a child, she constantly changed schools and never acquired real friends, spending all his time in reading and music lessons. After participating in the famous festival Gladstonbury the age of fourteen Lily decided that connect with the music his entire life. Studied it does not matter, and because she did not plan to pursue higher education. Instead, she began to write and perform their own songs, and rehash your favorite songs of famous artists. To demonstrate his talent Lily registered on MySpace. In 2005, she posted on her page a few songs of his own and cover songs. Through these experiments, it soon acquired hundreds of new friends and caught the attention of critics. Some of these songs are heard on public radio stations, and the young singer to learn the entire country even before the official release of her debut album.

That same year, Lily Allen has signed his first professional contract with the label Regal / Parlophone. Guide label wanted the singer immediately began to write full-plate, but Lily had other plans. She was going to continue to update their MySpace page and continued to spread on her new songs. The number of visitors has grown rapidly. Lily shared with them not only their music, but also comments on his art and music in general. As a result, it became even cited British music magazines and major television shows. Lily's songs can still be had often heard on the radio. Many of those that she recorded on their own, were presented at various informal collections. Preparing a wider audience to the output of professional album, Allen went into the studio to work on new material. For starters, she released a single LDN. It was a very rare release, released on vinyl only in the amount of five hundred copies. Within a week hits LDN and Smile were among the leaders of the British charts. Came the perfect time to release full-length disc. Alright Still went on sale in the summer of 2006, and was warmly received and experts, and ordinary listeners. Lily Allen has presented them an easy and pleasant to listen to music, mixed with ska and pop styles. Lyrics of the songs were filled with irony, but touched many pressing social problems. A few months later became a double platinum record. And she has become a welcome guest Lily at any event or concert. The release of this album was followed by a lengthy tour.

Until the spring of 2007 Allen toured the UK and other European countries. The young singer was not ready to tight concert schedule, life on the road and hit stardom. Tired and confused, she was forced to cancel several shows in the U.S.. Lily continued to communicate with fans through MySpace. Here she kept a diary, which swerved his impressions and memories, after the tour, as well as thoughts about the events and personalities in the music world. The girl is often done quite direct and candid statements. She got it on a regular basis for a sharp and ironic criticism of colleagues. In addition, there were rumors about her problems with alcohol and drugs. Perhaps that is why she occasionally gets into the scandalous situation. However, Lily is one of the most respected performers. Her new album, which was looking forward to a huge audience, was called It's Not Me, It's You. He was presented a slightly different approach to the music artist and song lyrics. The album surprised the combination of different musical styles – Eurodisk, country, folk, Brit-pop, synth-pop 80s. Despite the carefree tunes album, Allen's voice is heard melancholy and weariness of life. She sings on the unattractive side of drug use, family relationships and difficulties with his father, George Bush, God, celebrities and outgoing youth.