Biography of Missy Elliott

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Biography of Missy Elliott

MBiography ofissy Elliott

Missy Elliott, superstar hip-hop scene, was born July 1, 1971 in Portsmouth, Virginia. Her musical career began with participate in the group Sista. This formation has signed a contract with a company that went bankrupt even before the release of their debut album, and Missy decided to have a strong creativity. Make the first steps along the way helped her famous producer Timbaland, through which the singer was able to gain much needed experience to her, speaking with many mothers performers. And only then, in 1996, it entered into an agreement with the label Elektra Records.

Elliott debut, Supa Dupa Fly, went on sale in mid-1997. The composition of the plate went to her first big hit, The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly). With this song the young performer on major radio stations climbed instantly furnished with many loyal fans. Other singles from the album, Beep Me 911, Hit 'Em Wit Da Hee Sock It 2, and Me, managed to attract attention mainly because of the names of the musicians who participated in their creation. The views of critics of the Supa Dupa Fly sharply divided. Some thought that the material did not offer anything new, others have pointed out that every song on this album could be a successful single. That same year, Elliott has performed remix Not Tonite, together with his colleagues Lil 'Kim, Da Brat, Angie Martinez and Left Eye. The song they sang at the ceremony Video MTV awards in 1997.

In 1998 the career of Elliott continued to evolve rapidly. She actively participated in projects leading RB and hip-hop artists and has worked in the studio working on new material. The second studio album by Elliott, Da Real World (1999) sold better than the first and in February 2000 went platinum. Among his songs is to provide Hot Boyz, and She's A Bitch. In 2001 the singer released a third CD, Miss E. .. So Addictive. In writing this record timers figures such as Ludacris and Jay-Z. The album was a commercial success, and remember the bright singles One Minute Man, and Get Ur Freak On. Not stopping there, Elliott produced a new CD soon. Under Construction was born in 2002 and presented to the listener one of the best songs Artist, Work It, performed by a duet with Ludacris, as well as another powerful hit Gossip Folks. Both songs are regularly broadcast by leading music channels.

Such a productive and quality work has earned the title of Missy best hip-hop performer and a host of prestigious awards, but the singer did not expect to stop there. She had the time and energy not only for writing their own material, but also to compose songs for other artists. But in terms of creativity Elliott had more and more difficult. Album in 2003, This is not A Test, has attracted interest only because of her name, but not submission. Nevertheless, the reputation and achievements Missy ensure high sales record. In 2004, Missy decided to temporarily discontinue musical activity, and began producing work by promoting young artists. The next solo album artist went on sale in 2005. The album The Cookbook was clearly better than the last, and returned Elliott lost ground. The video for Lose Control was nominated for six awards MTV, took two of them. In 2006 in Australia, Europe, Brazil and Japan released the first official collection of the best things about Elliott, called Respect ME In 2009, the release will take place next album artist, Block Party.