Biography of Mute Math

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Biography of Mute Math

MBiography ofute Math

Mute Math – a project that became a logical continuation of long-term collaboration between Paul and the Mini Derrenom King, musicians from different states. Exchanging demos and musical ideas on the Internet, they will one day come to a decision to join forces and create your own team. With the support of Greg Hill and Roy Mitchell-Cardenas, these guys formed a band, which was called Mute Math. It happened in 2001, when all the musicians agreed to work together in a studio in New Orleans, where he was born Paul Mini. Setting himself to play rock, boys experimented a lot with the result that came to completely different music, which makes it difficult to determine even themselves. Despite the abundance of classic guitars and bass and drum work, Mute Math filled with songs melodies and rhythms that were much closer to pop music. After writing the material, which would not have enough for one record, the band invited to listen to demo versions of some of his songs to an old friend of Paul Meany, producer Tedd T, who without hesitation offered their cooperation. As a result of the negotiations it was decided to establish a new indie label called Teleprompt, on the basis of which the Mute Math can work and work without any restrictions and prohibitions.

In autumn 2004, Mute Math released their debut mini-album, Reset. After that, the active use of popular Internet sites, the guys were promoted in the mass of single Chaos, spreading from live performance video of the song. Several months passed, and fans of the team appeared all over the United States, eager to see their pets alive. Therefore, in the same year he organized the first tour group in several American states, in which musicians were convinced that their shows can gather huge crowds of people. In 2005, Mute Math began to give concerts in support of their debut full-length album, which received the name of the group itself. Since the official release of this album was named only in the fall of 2006, bought it in 2005 it was possible only during the performance of the team.

Mute Math have spent a couple of years is to show how good they are at the scene and working on new material in the studio. They have developed a unique style that combines ringing guitars, hip-hop bits, emotional vocals and lots of rare instruments. Guys are not afraid to experiment, but because the scene of their songs sound sometimes did not like their options for Landscape. It should be noted that during his concerts Mute Math does not just play music, but also satisfied with the performance of the real show of acrobatic numbers and continuous contact with the audience. All this is of great interest for music fans, judging by the fact that the page of the Internet is constantly updated with new video reports on their tour. An active concert activity for a long time musicians diverted from going into the studio, where they were again only two years after the release of their first album. In the summer of 2009 they presented the audience their new studio disc, which was called Armistice. This record shows that Mute Math is not standing still and are ready to surprise again and again, though very nice. Two years later the band released their second live album, Armistice Live (2010), to please all lovers of live music. Fresh material, flavored with incredible energy show was a great addition to the discography of Mute Math.