Biography of Neil Young

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Biography of Neil Young

NBiography ofeil Young

Neil Young, one of the most prominent and controversial artists in the history of rock music, was born November 12, 1945 in Toronto. Many believe that it was Neil Young, Bob Dylan, along with, laid the foundation for the development of almost any of the existing areas of rock. Even before graduating from high school in full Neil playing guitar, speaking for a number of local teams and often appearing late at night in the many clubs in his city. Early in his career, an artist mainly playing blues and rockabilly, and his team was the largest California-based formation of Buffalo Springfield. Its members often fought, resulting in the 1968 Neil decided to record them separately.

Himself being an excellent musician, Young scored a very talented group of instrumentalists from California under the name Crazy Horse, who supported the artist during his concert performances throughout his career. The debut album rocker named after him, and released in 1968, conferred upon him did not meet expectations, but it is only provoke a musician. The second studio album, Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (1969), introduced a few songs that carried the echoes of the unborn hard rock. Preparing the disk, Neil joined the wonderful group, composed of his old friends, Crosby, Stills Nash, and then to the name of the team has been added to the name of Young. In the new line-up team threw a big tour in the States. The participants of this formation were too different views on music all the time to work together, resulting in the team broke up several times. From time to time musicians once again gather to play some gigs, keeping this tradition to this day.

In 1972, Neil again concentrated on his solo career and recorded a quiet country-rock album, Harvest, which became classics of the genre. Young has always tried to stay away from the accepted norms and priorities to be like anyone else, but because an artist was very surprised when the album climbed to the top of the U.S. pop charts. Immediately thereafter, the singer changed course abruptly, turning to a much more somber and loud music. Pessimism that prevailed on the albums of that period were caused by the death of several close people and Neil of incurable illness of his only son. After releasing a number of featureless plates, rocker, finally issued a very strong work, called Tonight's the Night (1975).

The second half of the seventieth Neil Young has dedicated a lasting and productive collaboration with Crazy Horse. Emphasis was placed on a loud guitar sound, which later became the basis for punk and grunge. With the advent of the new decade actor has decided to seek new ideas, what has disappointed many of his fans. They especially did not like the album in 1982 under the name Trans, on which the singer's voice was passed through the processors. Young returned to classic rock in 1989 with the release of a stunning disc Freedom. In the same year went on sale a selection of his songs are played in other rock performers. In the early nineties grunge craze began, and the stars of a new popular genre began to openly express a desire to play with their main inspiration, Neil Young. The most fortunate group Pearl Jam, which gave him a series of concerts and recorded a powerful album, Mirror Ball (1995). A little later, Young wrote the music for the classic art-house movie Dead Man, which was released in theaters in 1996. Summarizing the twentieth century, the influential magazine Rolling Stone Neil Young gave the thirty-fourth position in the ranking of the most important figures in the history of rock 'n' roll. In the new millennium, the song became famous rocker wearing a bright political coloring. His 2006 album, Living with War, presented to the listener the song Let's Impeach the President, in which the singer condemned the U.S. policy towards Iraq. In early 2009, Young released a new album, Fork in the Road, as early as 2010, students enjoyed the new creation of a musician. Daniel Lanois was produced by (Daniel Lanois), hence the name plate – Le Noise. This studio work Young has received excellent reviews of music experts, and the students appreciated it: long-term experience of the Nile and the desire to create music became the main elements of his success.