Biography of Paul Weller

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Biography of Paul Weller

PBiography ofaul Weller

Paul Weller (born John William Weller) was born in a small English town of Woking in the working-class family. From early childhood he was fond of pop music, and in ten years has dreamed of playing in his band. When Weller was twelve, his parents gave him a guitar – and boy can easily learn to play it, and at fourteen he had already played in local clubs with his friend Steve Brooks, with whom later formed the band The Jam. In addition to them in The Jam drummer Rick Buckler entered and rhythm guitarist Bruce Foxton. They first played in his native Woking, but in 1977 went to conquer London. Later, Brooks left the band. In London, The Jam was soon overshadowed by stars such as The Clash and the Sex Pistols, becoming one of the most popular rock bands in the history of the United Kingdom. They confidently declared themselves single In The City, and by 1979 had already been recognized by the stars. These imperishable works of The Jam, as the Girl On The Phone, That's The Entertainment and Town Called Malice with heartfelt lyrics have become classics of British rock.

However, by 1983 Weller had lost interest in their offspring, and created a new group The Style Council, to the music of different genres – from jazz and RB to slow folk ballads. Although The Style Council did not repeat the success of The Jam, they were popular in their homeland, as well as a moderately well known in the U.S. and Australia. During its existence, The Style Council released about forty successful singles, including My Ever Changing Moods, You're The Best Thing and Shout To The Top. In 1989, the label refused to release their latest album, Modernism: A New Decade (though it still came out a limited edition), and Weller disbanded the group, and the couple of years has not appeared in public. But he soon returned to the stage as a solo artist – first under the name The Paul Weller Movement, and later, just as Paul Weller. He immediately became one of the leading Britpop musicians, and artists joined the ranks of the acid-jazz. In 1992 he released his debut album, Paul Weller, Weller, which returned to the raw guitar sound since The Jam, but with the use of samples and elements of funk.

Then came one of the best CDs Weller – Wild Wood. The album leaked in the countryside and has a stylish folk bias. It was particularly noticeable that Weller settled down and started a family. In total, the musician five children: two from his first marriage with the backing vocalists The Style Council Dee C Lee, one of the fleeting romance and two from the second marriage. With disk Stanley Road, named after the streets of Woking, where he grew up an artist, Weller returned to its former glory in the UK. On the DVD 1997 Heavy Soul Paul once again changed the style of play – the sound was almost raw. Rock-hit Peacock Suit capped plate. Disc Heliocentric, according to some rumors, was to be the last work of a singer, but in 2002 it was followed by a brilliant album, Illumination of the same rock hit. In 2004 Weller released a collection of cover versions Studio 150, and in 2005 – As Is Now a plate with a whole different loose singles: From The Floorboards Up, Come On, Let's Go and Here's The Good News. In 2006, the tireless work of Weller's Hit Parade will combine his solo hits and singles since The Jam and The Style Council. In 2008, the actor unexpectedly returned to the English folk and soul music on a beautiful album 22 Dreams. In this booming Paul has prepared another studio work Wake Up The Nation, published in 2010. The album received great reviews of experts, and many music publications have set Wake Up The Nation maximum number of points. In addition, the LP was well received, and music lovers will appreciate the work traditionally atmospheric Weller.