Biography of Pearl Jam

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Biography of Pearl Jam

PBiography ofearl Jam

Pearl Jam, one of the most famous rock bands U.S. 90, was born from the wreckage of Mother Love Bone, after its lead singer Andrew Wood died of a heroin overdose in 1990. Young team debut album recorded at the beginning of 1991, but for different reasons, it's official release was only in August of that year. The album was called Ten and sold are not very good as long as the group Nirvana was unable to make alternative rock of the new religion of American youth, what happened in 1992. The famous team of Kurt Cobain is easily avoided all of its competitors, yet they did not fall on the way Pearl Jam. These guys with surprising ease interfered with the old riffs of hard rock seventies with fervor and fury of punk rock of the eighties. After Nirvana lived his short life, the place vacated by them urgently needed a new powerful team, and Pearl Jam were particularly suitable for this purpose. Hits from their first album, Jeremy, Evenflow and Alive sounded on all major radio stations in the country, and the musicians delighted their fans with bright performances. One of the first major concert group was their appearance at the Lollapalooza festival in 1992.

Pearl Jam quickly gained the status of the new superstars of rock 'n' roll, but the members of this formation really do not want to give their music any genre definition. Despite their decision to dispense with singles and videos in support of the second studio album, Vs. (1993), already in its first week sold a million copies of this work. In 1994 the team gave up on the big arenas, preferring them to the scene of small clubs and college campuses. The group also became a party to a loud trial on charges of unfair work of the organizers of the performances, which required the establishment of very high prices for tickets. At the same time, the musicians found the opportunity to record their third full-length album, Vitalogy. The album went on sale in late 1994. During the first two weeks it was offered in a limited number of copies on vinyl media that did not stop her to get into the Top 60. And as soon as the album became available on CD and cassette, Vitology was soon on top of the charts and soon went multi-platinum. In early 1995, Pearl Jam set to record an album with Neil Young. The result was a plate of Mirror Ball. Because of the legal pad on the cover of the disc has been described only the name of Neil Young and band members have received a word of thanks in the booklet.

In the summer of 1996 Pearl Jam issued the fourth studio album, entitled No Code. Despite the high places in all kinds of ratings, the record has disappointed fans of the old teams who did not like the attempts of musicians to move to a different style. In addition, Pearl Jam could not organize a tour for a full-fledged advertising this release. In 1997 the group held in obscurity and solitude, writing the next disc. The album, called Yield, has attracted attention only because of the merits of past teams, but in commercial terms acquitted themselves quite quickly and left the charts. In 1999, Pearl Jam have surprised their fans by recording a cover of a pop song Last Kiss. Having a lot of airtime on the radio, this song suddenly became the most successful song of Pearl Jam in the pop rankings and became a double gold single. In 2000 was born a new studio album of the band, Binaural. In order to sell is not received pirated concert recording group, Pearl Jam have recorded each of his concerts, held in support of the latest work as a double disc. The next album,, Riot Act (2002), was the experimental work with a noticeable influence of the art-rock. And listeners and critics have recognized this effort one of the strongest in the history of the group. Over the next two years, Pearl Jam released two collections, and only in 2006 they released self-titled album the group that consists entirely of new songs. It was hard not to notice that the strength and fresh ideas from the team was getting smaller. The latest release was dominated by live albums and compilations. In 2009, Americans added to their discography reissue of his debut album Ten. A little later, was ready to brand new studio work of the group, which was called Backspacer.