Biography of Prince

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Biography of Prince

PBiography of Prince

rince Rogers Nelson was born in 1958 in Minneapolis in a family of a black father and white mother. From childhood he was interested in music in the broadest sense, from writing to performance. Therefore, writing the Prince fulfilled all of the material, arrangements and producing his first album for himself. He boldly changed the sound of classic RB, adding a sound synthesizer, and simplifying the structure of the songs. Attention was drawn to such an innovative approach after the release of second album artist, Prince, in 1979. The first two of the singer's critics seemed interesting, but left out the masses. Prince managed to assert themselves in a loud voice, providing the listener an album Dirty Mind (1980). He again wrote all the songs on their own and managed to attract attention thanks in part to a very straightforward text. In some places provocative lyrics were just an addition to his bizarre image. So, the singer enjoyed a high-soled shoes on, to compensate for his short stature, and put on a woman's wardrobe items, which caused some suspicion on account of his sexual orientation. By the time the Prince had already established himself as a performer, equally successful in his music combines slow soul number and rock songs with catchy melodies.

In 1981, Prince assembled a group The Time, which was to support him during live performances. In 1982 the artist became famous far beyond the borders of their country. World famous Prince brought the incredibly popular album of 1999. The album is literally swept off the shelves, selling all over the world in the amount of three million copies. However, it was just preparing to enter the public the most powerful album in the career of the singer. Purple Rain was released in 1984 with the same film. Only in the United States has sold over ten million copies of the album, which stayed on top of the charts for 24 weeks. The success can be explained by the simple fact that the basis of this work lay pop music, whose influence was not felt so strongly on either the previous or subsequent records of the Prince. The Time was renamed The Revolution, and have made a considerable contribution to the creation of this release. Prince became famous throughout the world and realized that now he could go to any experiment, and his albums would still sold well. In the late eighties he was hit in the psychedelic music, elements of which can be heard on his CDs Around the World in a Day (1985) and Parade (1986). After the commercial failure of the album Lovesexy in 1988, the Prince returned to the top ratings from the soundtrack of Batman in 1989.

In the nineties, the Prince stepped into a new image with the new group. He founded the strongest team in his career, The New Power Generation, with whom he recorded a powerful album, Diamonds and Pearls (1991). In 1993 he released another album, which was listed in the title is a mysterious character. Later, Prince officially changed his name to this sign. Clearly, the public was not ready for a change of image of the actor. As a result, sales of his CDs have plummeted. Moreover, between the singer and his label, Warner Brothers began a protracted legal process. Under the contract, an artist would release for the label two more albums. They were The Gold Experience (1995) and Chaos Disorder (1996). After graduating from the collaboration with Warner, Prince has released three CDs with songs written by him early in his career, and covers. Among them was just one big hit, The Most Beautiful Girl in the World. In the new century, the Prince was unable to regain lost ground. Nevertheless, his 2004 album Musicology was a great event in the U.S. and had a huge sale. In 2005, Prince was admitted to the Hall of Fame Rock and Roll. Despite the fact that his most creative years behind, Prince remains one of the most influential figures in the world of RB. His name is on the cover of the album does not allow any doubt as to the material it presented. In 2006 the singer released a record 3121, and the following year appeared his new album, Planet Earth (2007). He received a new, powerful sound. After just two years the Prince has pleased fans by releasing two albums at once: MplSound and LotusFlow3r. These records are linked and represent two of the trilogy, the third element of which – the album Elixir protege Bria Valente Prince. Another singer 20Ten LP was released in 2010. Traditionally, a strong work at the Prince of clearly identifiable style, of course, likely to appeal to old fans and musicians, and those who are only going to get acquainted with his work.