Biography of Sigur Ros

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Biography of Sigur Ros

TBiography of Sigur Ros

his postrokovaya group was formed in August 1994, three teenagers – Jon Thor Birgissonom, George Hill of Agusti and Gunnarsson. She was named his team Sigur Ros, which means "victory rose" in honor of the sister of one of the participants as a group gathered just as her birthday. Soon promising artists have a contract with the Icelandic record company Bad Taste, which released their debut release Von. In 1998, Sigur Ros keyboardist Kjartan Sveinsson joined. In 1999 the band released a CD Agaetis Byrjun, which became their breakthrough on the world stage. Music band began to appear in serials and films, including the famous picture of Vanilla Sky. Sigur Ros polubilis public its own characteristics – falsetto and playing the guitar with a bow on the cello Birgissona, mysterious string arrangements Sveinsson, a made-up language songs.

Defunct houplandsky language, very similar in sound to the Icelandic, was coined by the artists to the listeners themselves gave the songs the right meaning. Next to the disk () has been fully executed on this dialect. Also in the proizoshliperemeny Sigur Ros – departed from the group changed Agusta Orrie Pall Dirason. Psychedelic rock tracks () lasted on average about eight minutes and hit the audience heat of passion. In 2003, Sigur Ros worked with Radiohead to create multiple tracks for the album to album, Split Sides Merce Cunningham. The album Takk 2005 musicians interested in the pop genre, with emphasis on the guitar sound and reducing the duration of their songs. This is easily seen by the single Hoppipolla.

In 2007, Sigur Ros released a collection of b-sides and acoustic versions of their hits titled Havarf / Heim. It includes new versions of Von, Staralfur, Vaka, and other well-known songs of the group. Also unusual, previously unknown tracks. In 2008 the band completed work on their fifth studio creature with a long name Med Sud I Eyrum Vid Spilum Endalaust. In the recording plate attended church choir boys London Oratory Boy's Choir and Orchestra London Sinfonietta. This work, first of all, marked the transition of Sigur Ros to the popular music and more positive sound. Secondly, the band recorded a song for the first time in English, All Alright. In 2009, the rockers released a collection of We Play Endlessly, which shows the songs from previous albums and EP.