Biography of Stevie Nicks

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Biography of Stevie Nicks

ABiography of Stevie Nicks

merican singer Stevie Nicks is known for music lovers around the world. For many listeners of her name is associated with the work of the rock band Fleetwood Mac, which Stevie Nicks, and began his professional career. However, single-minded singer has succeeded in his solo career: Knicks became a true master of his craft, which is hardly surprising, with such and such a love for music. In total, Steve has recorded over forty hits, conquered the charts. It sold more than one hundred forty million copies of her records. Of course, the arts and figures are hardly so closely linked, but to ignore these statistics is simply impossible.

The debut solo album, Bella Donna Stevie Nicks, was released in 1981 and immediately turned on the first line of the chart Billboard, and by 1990 he had received four platinum status. Music lovers relished the delicate rock arrangements, which are perfectly compatible with the Knicks vocals. In 1983 she released a second album The Wild Heart, did not disappoint the fans. Biggest hit album, Stand Back, was recorded with Prince, performing the role of keyboards. Stevie has found its sound, which is liked not only students, but also her own, which is extremely important. Thus, the process of recording new album singer brought a lot of fun, and this, in turn, was the key to excellent sound and the highest level of performance.

In the twentieth century, Stevie released three studio albums of high quality: Rock A Little (1985), The Other Side Of The Mirror (1989) and Street Angel (1994). With these plates, it finally cemented its reputation as a very sincere artist. Oddly enough, but a mysterious, fascinating image of the Knicks contributed to the emergence of rumors about what it is – exactly like – a witch. The singer has denied all rumors, stating that the interest of Gothic mystery and still nothing. The latter, incidentally, well represented in the works of Stevie Nicks. In different proportions, they give a great result. As can be combined with an energetic rock, melody and mysticism? The best answer to this question are numerous works by the singer.

In 2001, Nicks released her first album of the new millennium, named Trouble In Shangri-La. Music lovers tired of waiting was fine this record, made in the best tradition of Stevie, but after the release of Trouble In Shangri-La they again had to be patient. The seventh studio album, an enigmatic Knicks In Your Dreams was released ten years later, in 2011. According to the interview material for In Your Dreams recorded a completely new way, so that it is possible that listeners expect surprises. But, whatever experiments or resolved Stevie Nicks, the quality of In Your Dreams can be quite worrying.