Biography of Tom Waits

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Biography of Tom Waits

TBiography ofom Waits

Tom Waits without a doubt be called one of the most original artists on the current music scene. He was famous for its music and experimenting with different styles, he became known as an actor and author of the soundtrack, and, of course, he achieved fame thanks to his unusual voice, about which they say that he "was steeped in a vat of whiskey, a few months in a hung smokehouse, and then the car passed him by. " Despite the fact that his songs are almost never appeared on television and radio, Waits gained immense popularity and has received two awards Grammy – for the albums Bone Machine and Mule Variations. His compositions sung many famous artists including Bruce Springsteen (Jersey Girl), Rod Stewart (Downtown Train), and The Eagles (Ol ''55). Poems Waits describe the strange and unusual places and characters, but his music is a place of folk, jazz, and blues, and rock.

Thomas Alan Waits was born in Pomona, California, in 1949. His parents are teachers. Waits taught himself to play the piano, which was at their neighbor, and in 1965, studying in high school, he joined for fulfilling RB and soul group, The System. After final exams Waits moved to San Diego (where he received a fee for the first performance – $ 25), and then to Los Angeles. In 1972, Waits signed to Asylum Records studio and released the first LP Closing Time (1973). Combining elements of folk and jazz, the album became popular after several well-known musicians have recorded cover versions of songs from him. Waits then went on tour with musicians such as Charlie Rich, and Frank Zappa. In 1974 he released the album The Heart Of Saturday Night. The next album, a double album Nighthawks At The Diner (1975), was recorded in a studio before a small audience, to convey the atmosphere of a live performance. In between songs sounded long monologues.

The album Small Change (1976) was performed in a more pessimistic and cynical manner than the previous record. He became the most sold by the time the plate Waits. The next disc, Foreign Affairs (1977), was an example of musical exploration of Tom – it it is actively experimenting with jazz and blues. Blue Valentine (1978) was a continuation of experiments – it was a lot of electric guitars and keyboards, but there was almost no string instruments. Heartattack And Vine (1980) was the last record Waits for Asylum Records. That same year, Tom was the author of the first soundtrack – Francis Ford Coppola asked him to write music for the movie from the heart (One From The Heart).

After leaving Asylum Records, Tom Waits in 1983 recorded an album Swordfishtrombones for Island Records. On this album he first began to use unusual instruments in music. Similar experiments were continued in the Rain Dogs (1985). Later, Tom Waits wrote the soundtrack for the musical Frank's Wild Years, which premiered in 1986. Waits himself played a major role. In 1987 self-titled album was released, which was a studio version of the production.

In 1988, the disc hit shelves Big Time. In 1990 it was followed by The Black Rider: The Casting Of The Magic Bullets – «a musical fairy tale", made in the avant-garde fashion. It told about the clerk, who was to show the hunting talents to marry the daughter of a hunter. In 1992 he was released instrumental album Night On Earth – the soundtrack to the same film. Also this year, Tom Waits recorded Bone Machine, this time focusing on the guitar and percussion, and abandoning the piano and saxophone. The following year, on the shelves was a disc with the soundtrack to the film The Black Rider.

In 1998, Waits moved to the label, Epitaph and recorded plate Mule Variations (1999). In 2000 Tom released two albums simultaneously – Alice and Blood Money. Both were based on the compositions that Waits had written for theater productions. Real Gone (2004) became the first album of Waits, which can not meet a single sound piano. In 2006 came Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers Bastards – trehdiskovoe edition, incorporating both old and new songs. Three years later saw the light of a live album, Glitter And Doom Live (2009). This plate allows you to experience all the charm of a live performance excellence of Tom Waits.