Biography of Weezer

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Biography of Weezer

RBiography of Weezer

ivers Cuomo, Patrick Wilson, Matt Sharp and Jason Cropper formed the band Weezer in 1992. In 1994 he was ready to their sensational debut album Weezer, also known as The Blue Album. During the recording plate guitarist Jason Cropper left the band and was replaced by Brian Bell. Track Undone – The Sweater Song was a hit of that year, while the video for this song ever shown on MTV. The second song of Buddy Holly, dedicated to the well-known artist, has also become a rock hit. In 2004, Weezer re-released as a record Weezer: Deluxe Edition. In December 1994 the group broke off a tour to rest. Around the same time Cuomo started writing material that would lay the basis for a conceptual disc Songs From The Black Hole. However, this album was never released. Some of the songs from it went to work Pinkerton in 1996, which is considered one of the most powerful drives Weezer. Part of the remaining material can be heard on various compilations.

In the summer of 1997 the musicians finished the tour in support of Pinkerton and decided to take a break. They began working on side projects: Sharp started The Rentals, Wilson band The Special Goodness, and Brian Bell began to play with his team, Space Twins. At the same time, Rivers Cuomo returned to his native Boston and began writing new songs, gathered a new band. Despite the frequently changing composition, drummer Mikey Welch held on a regular basis. However, in February 1998, Cuomo plans changed and he returned to Los Angeles. Soon he was joined by Wilson and Bell. As the Sharpe refused to reunite with Weezer, Welch began his replacement. Nonetheless, the rehearsals for the artists did not develop, the group began disorders – and Welch went to his native Portland. Cuomo plunged into a depression, making her room is completely black. In August 2000, reunited Weezer appeared at a rock festival Fuji Festival. For a while they acted as Goat Punishment, but then again regained its original name.

In 2001, constantly touring band recorded the disc Weezer, also known as The Green Album, and then immediately went to the next round. Such an energetic rock singles like Hash Pipe and Island in the Sun Weezer returned to its former popularity. In August 2001, Mikey Welch was admitted to a psychiatric clinic, and was replaced by Scott Shriner. Only a year later the band released the album Maladroit, seen in such hits as, and Dope Nose Keep Fishin. Immediately after the release of Maladroit artists began work on a new project of Make Believe, which was released only in 2005. Wind-rock single, Beverly Hills, nominated for Grammy, instantly became the leader of the charts. The next great success was the song Weezer We Are All in Love, originally known as We Are All on Drugs. In 2008 the band released their sixth studio album Weezer, also known as The Red Album. This experimental drive instead of on himself and alt-rock and baroque pop, and rap, not to mention the unusually long for a Weezer song. The first album was a hit song Pork and Beans, which was followed by a daring Troublemaker. A year later, the rockers have prepared a very strong record Raditude (2009), for which in 2010 was followed by no less an original work of Hurley. Musicians have proved that they have a lot of fresh ideas, and with the realization there is no problem. The audience were delighted, and accepted by both critics of perfect work, which confirms the high level and Raditude, and Hurley.