Biography Reamonn

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Biography Reamonn


Reamonn – one of the most talented and original rock bands that emerged in Europe in recent years. Rimon Garvey was born in Ireland and spent his childhood. Growing up, he gathered a group of The Reckless Pedestrians, from which not a great success. Then he decided to leave his homeland and went to Germany. With a Rea took 50 marks and a demo with their own records. In Freiburg, through an ad in the newspaper, he found Mike Gommeringera musician, better known by the nickname Gomes. Having defined the direction in which to work, the guys began to search for the missing members of the future. On this they took six months, after which the guys started rehearsals. The team was given the name of Reamonn. In the summer of 1999 the musicians signed to Virgin Records and recorded their first album nachalinayut in Take One Studios in Frankfurt. When the album was ready in half, the team decided to finish it in England. Once in Manchester has been completed the recording process, Reamonn moved to London to perform the reduction of the album, where they worked with producer Steve Lyon, known for work with Depeche Mode, The Cure, Paradise Lost, and Paul McCartney.

In the spring of 2000 Reamonn released their first single Supergirl. He brought the first group of wide popularity and permanently entrenched in the charts in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Soon, the light appeared, and full-length album, Tuesday, which provided powerful support group and a large audience across Europe. Rimon wrote only the lyrics and music composed by all the participants of Reamonn. Despite the success of the debut album, the band made its name mainly due to the crazy returns to the scene of extraordinary power that radiated her music, performed live. During the tour, feel free Reamonn acquainted with peers. Particularly strong relations were established with the recognized masters of rock music, Guano Apes and HIM. It is not surprising that soon after their debut release deal with Reamonn became the cherished dream of many companies. Nevertheless, the band decided not to leave Virgin Records.

In 2001, Reamonn have pleased fans of the new studio album, Dream No. 7. Musically, this disc is practically no different from the first album. His task was to consolidate the newly won positions of the group, and it was done. The next album was born in 2003 under the name Beautiful Sky. In Germany, he held the first few months of the charts and earned platinum status. Young musicians were clearly not ready to hit them fame and decided to take a break to recover and get used to the new life of stars. Before you go on vacation, Reamonn released a live album, Raise Your Hands (2004). Two years later, the release of their fourth studio work, Wish (2006), which was done in the spirit of the old records of the group. To record this CD the band went to Los Angeles, continuing the tradition of preparing their albums abroad. Among the new songs especially successful track Tonight, which became the second team after the mega hit is already almost forgotten Supergirl. In 2008, the noted musicians of the decade, releasing a self-titled album, Reamonn. According to members of the band, it is the most powerful job in their discography, which reflected the accumulated experience of the group presentations and working in different studios with the producers of the highest class. In 2010 the release of the first collection of the best works of Reamonn, known as Eleven. In addition to proven hits such as Tonight, Million Miles, Supergirl and many others on this disc were presented and three new songs, which certainly was a pleasant surprise for all fans of Reamonn.