Biography Royksopp

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Biography Royksopp

NBiography Royksopp

orwegian duo Royksopp – one of the most prominent representatives of the so-called Bergen wave of electronic music. Team member, Brundtland and Svein Tornborn Berge of the Norwegian city of Tromso, from childhood have been fans of electronic music, and first came on the scene together in the early 90s when they were both 18 years old. It is true, then it was for them rather a hobby than a profession. Later, they parted ways, and when the Brundtland and Berge met again in 1998 in Bergen, we decided to create a group Royksopp (Norwegian is the name can be translated as "mushroom smoking," and as "mushroom-raincoat"). At that time, Bergen was a center for Scandinavian indie and electronic music, so Royksopp began sharing the stage with bands such as Frost, Kings of Convenience, Those Norwegians, Drum Island, and others.

His first album, Melody AM, Brundtland and Berge released in 2001. Ironically, originally Norwegians managed to attract attention due to the fact that their music is often used in advertising and computer games. For example, the rights to their first single Eple (which translates as «apple» – «Apple") bought by Apple – this track sounds during the operating system Mac OS X Panther. Remix of Poor Leno became the soundtrack to a virtual snowboard simulator SSX 3, and Follow My Ruin song was later used in the video game FIFA 06. However, this recognition by Royksopp received several vivid clips using computer graphics. The video for Remind Me even won Best Video for the ceremony, MTV Europe Music Award in 2002. The Norwegians also nominated for the award for Best Nordic Group, Best Debut and Best Dance Group, but to win in these categories failed.

The next album, Royksopp, was named The Understanding, released only in 2005. This time the video for first single – the song Only This Moment – was devoted to revolutionary action in Paris in 1968, and many saw it as promoting extremism. However, the second single was already 49 Percent less than provocative. Later came out a special edition of The Understanding, which included a second disc with five new songs. In 2006 released a live album Royksopp Royksopp's Night Out, which consisted of nine songs (including his cover version went to the song Go With The Flow of Queens Of The Stone Age). The record has been sustained in a dance style than previous work Royksopp. If you believe the musicians, originally it was intended for Japanese fans of the duo, which the Norwegians call their most loyal fans.

A year later recorded Royksopp Back To Mine – a collection of remixes of their favorite songs, among which were the group Born Under Punches Talking Heads, Above And Beyond by The Edgar Winter Group, It Ain't Easy in the performance of Supermax and other compositions. Also included in the album remix Meatball, who themselves Royksopp recorded once under the pseudonym Emmanuel Splice for Mike Oldfield's album Platinum. Recall that the Back To Mine – a whole series of plates, which are compilations of remixes from artists of electronic music. The work was Royksopp jubilee, the twenty-fifth release.

In March 2009, was born Junior – third studio album by Royksopp. It was preceded by the single output of Happy Up Here, the clip which was based on the famous video game Space Invaders. The album took part Swedish pop singer Robyn, a little earlier was nominated for Grammy, and the other Scandinavian artists – Lykke Li, Karin Dreijer Andersson and Anneli Dreker. In general, Junior turned somewhere between Melody AM and The Understanding. After his release Royksopp announced plans to release before the end of 2009 another album, but the album was released only a Senior in 2010. Atmospheric and how to characterize the musicians, the album with the autumnal mood, Senior came to taste the experts and fully justified the expectations of fans of the team.