Biography Stone Temple Pilots

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Biography Stone Temple Pilots

TBiography Stone Temple Pilots

he history of this legendary rock band started in 1986 when the group Black Flag concert in California, met Scott Wayland and Robert De Leo. They got to talking, and when it came to girls, young people understand that there are one and the same. There is a plan was born: they both threw the girl. She went out of town, and Scott and Robert immediately moved into her vacated apartment. Soon gathered a group of young musicians, which included Scott's friends: Corey Hickok and David Allyn. When Allin left the band, was replaced by drummer Eirik Kretts. A little later, Robert's brother, Dean, joined the band, replacing Corey. Thus the established quartet, known as Mighty Joe Young. A young band made a demo tape, which was ready by 1990. Soon the band began working on the debut record, producer Brendan O'Brien was doing. During recording, they have been informed that the name will change, because Mighty Joe Young has already been used by some bluesman. In place of the old name came Shirley Temple's Pussy, but the musicians had to change its label under pressure. But because they liked the combination of STP, Scott and the company soon came to the name of Stone Temple Pilots.

Their debut album Core was released in 1992, and soon reached the third line chart Billboard. Thanks to such songs as Sex Type Thing, Plush and Wicked Garden musicians got fans who are not troubled not the most flattering reviews of music critics. Soon, Stone Temple Pilots were the opening act for such notable bands as Rage Against the Machine and Megadeth. Ironically, the more music critics were pressing on the Stone Temple Pilots, the more fans they have appeared. Following a vote by the magazine Rolling Stone, a group of San Diego has been recognized by critics of the worst, but the opinion of students radically different from the opinions of experts. For example, in 1994 Stone Temple Pilots won in two categories at the American Music Awards, and a little later and did get a Grammy for the song Plush.

In spring 1994 the musicians began to work on their second album, which was recorded during the month. The album turned out Purple strong, and thanks to such hits as Vasoline Big Empty, and within 4 months after the release has sold over 3 million copies. In 1995, Weiland was arrested for possession of heroin, which is somewhat marred the atmosphere in the group. In 1996 the band released their third album, Tiny Music … Songs from the Vatican Gift Shop. The group spent much time on tour, but Wayland problems with drugs again made themselves felt. Part concert tour in support of their new album had to be cut, and Weiland began to undergo a course of treatment.

In 1999, Stone Temple Pilots released the album No. 4. It is on this record were hits such as Down, No Way Out and the famous Sour Girl. In 2001 the group came fifth album, Shangri-La Dee Da, pleased music lovers such compositions as the Days of the Week, and Hollywood Bitch. During the tour in 2002 at a concert Weiland and Dean almost came to blows. The atmosphere in the group was very tense, and as a result, Stone Temple Pilots broke up. Thus, from 2003 to 2008, the musicians were engaged in solo projects: Weiland joined the super group Velvet Revolver, De Leo brothers formed a band called Army of Anyone, and drummer Eirik Kretts worked in his studio and played in the team Spiralarms. In 2008 the band reunited to perform at several festivals. Already in 2009 they started recording a new album. The album is called Stone Temple Pilots, and was published in 2010. The album, which fans had to wait a long nine years, steadily made his debut on the second line of the Billboard 200. Of course, the sixth album, Stone Temple Pilots have already attracted the attention of music lovers around the world: the legendary band reunited and once again ready to give peace a real rock.