Cam'ron Biography

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Cam'ron Biography


Cam'ron (real name – Cameron Giles) – is a prominent figure in hip-hop scene, a man who not only became a famous artist, but also helped to develop many other performers. He is not just exploiting what has already happened in rap music when he started it, but also contributed greatly to its development. Cam'ron was born on February 4, 1976 in Harlem, New York area. There he spent his childhood studying at Central High School in Manhattan. In his early years, the guy probably put more hope as a basketball player than as a musician, playing in the starting lineup his high school team. He liked sports a lot more study, but because studies paid a minimum of time and attention. In the end, with dreams of a good education had to leave. Cam'ron was satisfied with the arrival in a small college in Texas. However, soon the young man realized that it was not his business, he returned to Harlem and began drug dealing.

She was lucky Cam'ron has saved from falling behind bars. The guy met Notorious BIG, who saw in him a talent and has helped a beginner artist to make a deal with the company Untertainment. Their debut album, Cam'ron, Confessions Of Fire, was released in 1998. With the support of powerful tracks 357 and Horse And Carriage, this album was crazy and started selling gold. Artist immediately made a name for himself in hip-hop community, stating all of his most serious intentions. Just four songs from his album hit the charts in a leading position, indicating that the great talent self-confident artist. Soon, the musician had a disagreement with his record label Untertainment, who could not provide the desired promotion for his future records. Cam'ron decided to move to Epic Records, which, of course, was a smart move. In 2000, the company helped the rapper to publish his second studio work, SDE (An acronym for "Sports, Drugs, Entertainment"). The CD was made in collaboration with several leading hip-hop artists and featured a very strong track What Means The World To You, which guaranteed him a gold record status.

Unlike many other novice artists who find themselves unprepared for the early success and knocked off track, Cam'ron from the chosen path is not lost, and continued to move upwards. The next important event in his career was the deal with the label, Roc-a-Fella, whose owner was an old friend of the actor. The result of this collaboration was the strongest at the moment the album rapper, Come Home With Me. It was a sincere and grazing to the quick story about the realities of Harlem in the form set out in the songs, which are relished as fans of the music and fans of good-quality text. Without a doubt, the best song from this CD was a hit Oh Boy, got a lot of air time, and became the favorite of most of the clubs for a long time. The fourth album, Cam'ron Purple Haze (2004), sold even better and made its creator even more famous, but it was only possible thanks to the advances that have made the actor before the release of this work. Purple Haze was just a perfect record with the highest level of performance from an artist with a big name who could not disappoint the listener. In 2005, Cam'ron made headlines after he was attacked while he was in his car, resulting in an artist was shot in the arm. A year later he returned to the fans with a fresh album Killa Season. The fact that the record failed to reach the level of the gold release, pointed out at the beginning of a musician's creative crisis. Cam'ron decided to retreat to from time to music and devoted himself to the care of his mother, whose health began to deteriorate. Three years later, he offered his fans a new disc called Crime Pays. It was a desperate attempt to return to the previous level, and the artist was able to show itself in all its glory. This album is said that the rapper to write off the accounts was frankly too early.