Eels Biography

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Eels Biography

PEels Biography

ost-punk Eels formation was conceived by Mark Oliver Everett, a musician who was born in Virginia and later moved to California. By the time he already had a decent experience of performing as a vocalist, guitarist and keyboardist, and has published two very decent solo album. In one of the clubs in Los Angeles, Everett met drummer Jonathan Norton (he later took the name Butch Norton). They became the founders of the group Eels, which also invited bassist Tommy Walter. In this structure the group and gave its first performance in 1995. The trio caught the attention of Michael Simpson, a representative of a major label, DreamWorks Records, who, without thinking twice offered the boys a contract. The basis of music, young band formed yet unforgotten legacy of the then young rock heroes, The Pixies and Nirvana. The first single, Eels, released in 1996 under the name Novocaine For The Soul, became a big hit, regularly spinning on college and alternative radio stations. And the subsequent single, Susan's House has managed to draw attention to themselves in distant Britain, climbing to the top ten hits. Despite the classic rock band for the structure and set of tools, Eels lot of experimenting with sound, listening to the teachings of Simpson, who has worked with dance and music samples. In this regard, the song starts you can hear the collective blotches of different musical instruments, which became the main feature of which was released in 1996 debut album, Eels, known as Beautiful Freak.

Even before the recording of their next drive Eels broke up with Walter. Around the same time, Everett was in the family just two tragic events. First is committed to his sister, and soon after died from a severe illness his mother a musician. Not surprisingly, was released in 1998, the team's second album, Electro-Shock Blues, turned darker and heavier than its predecessor. Everett wrote the lion's share of total material and put into this work all his bitterness and pain. The most powerful and emotional songs have turned out Last Stop: This Town, Cancer For The Cure and My Descent Into Madness. Two years later the Eels issued the third studio album, Daisies Of The Galaxy. This work has again become a conductor Everett ideas to the masses and made a few big hits, including songs of Mr E's Beautiful Blues and It's A Motherfucker. Over the last song he rebuked Everett George W. Bush, who said that an abundance of foul language in this composition requires the publication edited version.

In 2001 the market entered a new album titled Eels Souljacker. Compared to other works of this record was much less melodic and hit, and its sales left much to be desired. To attract interest in the album expressionless Everett began to emerge on the scene in the guise of terrorists. In 2003, Everett continued his experiments in the band's sound, which materialized in the regular studio work Eels, Shootenanny! This release is a slightly corrected the situation in California after the recent failure of the team. With each new release of the band Eels more like a solo project of Everett. This again was confirmed after in 2005 he was expelled from the team Norton and was succeeded on his own initiative record label. In the same year released a double album, Eels, dubbed the Blinking Lights And Other Revelations. It was a massive project that Everett has developed and implemented within eight years. In support of this release was organized by a major concert tour, in memory of which was released live album, With Strings: Live At Town Hall (2007). Eels then took up the compilation, entered the market in 2008. First came a collection of rare and unreleased things, Useless Trinkets: B-sides, Soundtracks, Rarities and Unreleased 1996-2007, and was later published a collection of the best things about the group, Meet The Eels: Essential Eels 1996-2006 Vol. A. Finally, in the summer of 2009 Eels pleased their fans with new material album, Hombre Lobo: 12 Songs of Desire. And in 2010 came album End Times, which, despite the short time since the previous album, turned out a meaningful and original. Also in 2010 the release of another album band – Tomorrow Morning. Concept LP, which is the third element in the trilogy, was a great development of the ideas Hombre Lobo (2009) and End Times (2010), as evidenced by the excellent reviews of experts and music lovers.