Kt Tunstall Biography

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Kt Tunstall Biography

KKt Tunstall Biography

ate "Kay Tee" Tunstall was born in the Scottish capital June 23, 1975. Her own mother, half-Chinese woman, giving birth to a child from an Irishman, waived his right to a girl. Immediately took the infant to his family of teachers. Kay Tee grew up with two brothers and received a good education by actively participating in exchange programs of students. At the age of twenty, she decided to become a rock star, and began singing in various indie bands. Kay Tee popularity is not achieved, although one of the bands in which she played, Red Light Stylus, received fairly warm reviews from critics. The actress decided to look for other ways to fame and started a solo career, writing their own poetry and music. She was known for its "live" performances, which accompanied the group skillfully managed with a guitar.

In 2004 she recorded their debut album Eye To The Telescope. Due to the low popularity of this wonderful creature Tunstall reached only number 73 in the charts of the British album. But luck has changed everything in an instant. Tunstall was invited to speak on the show Later with Jools Holland, as the planned artist abandoned his room at the last moment. Total for the day Kay Tee produced lead single from Eye To The Telescope, a beautiful ballad Black Horse And The Cherry Tree, and performed just fine. The next day she woke up famous throughout Britain. The debut album immediately reprinted, and this time he took third place in the chart. Due to randomness Tunstall managed to conquer and the U.S.. Participant in American Idol (American Idol analogue in the U.S.), Katharine McPhee, asked Kay Tee permission to perform at the contest Black Horse And The Cherry Tree. Tunstall has given permission to do so, and soon all the States talking about it. Sometimes the artist ironically notes that its popularity in this country it owes only McPhee.

Tunstall started active cooperation with the stars of show business, such as Missy Elliott and the band Radiohead. In 2006 she recorded an excellent acoustic album KT Tunstall's Acoustic Extravaganza, which proved to be a virtuoso guitar playing. At the same time, Kay Tee participated in various shows, concerts and toured in support of the debut disc by several countries. The actress has attracted public attention and concern for the environment. It has provided support to participants of shares to combat global warming, deforestation and other problems. Tunstall even met with Tony Blair to discuss these issues. Moreover, the star has signed a contract under which the funds from the sales of her CDs is to restore the forests. Thus, the native Scotland, was a gift from the singer's 50,000 new trees. In September 2007, Kay Tee again delighted the audience with their second studio album, Drastic Fantastic. The energetic lead single, Hold On, was a powerful return to the folk artist. Even though the disk has some great dance rock compositions, Drastic Fantastic boasts also beautiful lyrical ballads. Release longpleya third performer, known as Tiger Suit, took place in 2010. Executed in a manner clearly identifiable Kay Tee, Tiger Suit came to taste the audience and received excellent reviews of experts. In addition, critics also agreed that this record was one of the best work the singer – Tunstall managed very well to mix different styles, resulting in an original musical cocktail.