Little Big Town Biography

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Little Big Town Biography

TLittle Big Town Biography

he history of American country music group Little Big Town began in the late eighties, when the University Semford met Kimberly and Karen. After training, they moved to Nashville and began performing together, and by 1998 they were joined by Jimmy and Phillip. The quartet, known as Little Big Town, began work on new material.

The musicians have signed a deal with Mercury Nashville Records, but no one single or album was never released. Soon the quartet signed a new contract with Monument Records, and things went much better: self-titled debut work of Little Big Town was released in 2002. On this album hit songs were presented Don't Waste My Time, and Everything Changes, which hit the country chart of the famous magazine Billboard. Shortly after the release of the first album Little Big Town members of the group went through hard times: the Uestbruka Jimi's father died, and the Sweet Feirchayld divorced from their spouses, and the label's activities were suspended. The musicians had to find a job, but, nevertheless, they found time and energy to continue the tour.

In 2005 Little Big Town signed to Equity Music Group and began work on a new studio album. The release plate The Road To Here took place the same in 2005, and soon this powerful LP was certified Platinum. Moreover, The Road To Here was nominated for a Grammy for Best Country Album and song Boondocks featured in the category Best Country Vocal Performance by a Duo or Group. Of course, such attention from the American Academy of Recording confirms the highest level of work Little Big Town. The quartet's third album was released in 2007 and was named A Place To Land. The record was not less interesting and atmospheric than the previous work of a team, and was appreciated by critics and listeners. In 2008 Little Big Town moved to the Equity label on Capitol Records Nashville, which obtained the rights to A Place To Land, and reissued the album, adding a few bonus tracks.

The Reason Why, fourth studio LP musicians, was released in 2010. The album received great reviews of experts, which is hardly surprising, since the quartet has managed to find his signature sound, which came to taste the many music lovers. Without a doubt, The Reason Why will be interesting and old fans and those who are only going to get acquainted with the work of Little Big Town.