Lyfe Jennings Biography

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Lyfe Jennings Biography

ALyfe Jennings Biography

merican singer and multi-Life Jennings was born in 1973 in the city of Toledo. His professional musical career began somewhat unusual: Life has received a ten-year prison sentence for charges of arson, and it is behind bars, he is completely rethought his life. Jennings began to write lyrics that reflected the difficulties and mistakes that he made, and these songs were later included in the debut album, Life. The album Lyfe 268-192 was published in 2004, and the numbers in its title – a musician's personal number, which he received in prison. Nice arrangements and soft vocals singer relished, and many music fans and music critics, and Lyfe 268-192 confidently debuted at the top of the charts of Billboard.

Two years later, Jennings released his second album, dubbed The Phoenix (2006). This studio work fully met the expectations of fans of Life, who were looking forward to continuing Lyfe 268-192. The Phoenix kept the atmosphere created by Jennings at the last of his work, but at the same time, the quality has improved markedly, and without that strong arrangements are even more delicate. In 2008 the release of third longpleya Life account Lyfe Change (2008). The contents of the plate is consistent with the name – in the works of artist have changed, and pessimistic songs on various social themes gave way to a life-affirming songs and love lyrics. However, despite the changes, Jennings stayed true to his style.

In 2010, LIFE has released his fourth studio work I Still Believe, which received excellent reviews of music experts and delighted fans. All four of the album Life account turned out different from each other due to the fact that the artist created them in different periods of his life, sharing their experiences and thoughts. These records show the development of fine Jennings as a musician and show his talent in full. Undoubtedly, the work of Life account will have to taste to all lovers of honest and sincere music, and not so important, it is the album from which you begin your acquaintance with the work of a musician – they are all good and interesting in its own way.