Sade Biography

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Sade Biography

SSade Biography

ade – the world famous RB-British group founded in England in 1983. The history of the team started in 1976 in London, when the popular funk and Latin soul band Pride needed a backing vocalist. In her position was adopted by Helen Folashade Hell, a native of Nigeria, whose mother was English and her father Nigerian. Performing backing vocals, she quickly found his own style, and on the advice of her manager and several other members of the group wrote their own songs, performing them in concerts Pride during the breaks. Then, together with saxophonist Stewart Metyumanom were written several works for a side project, which was named in honor of its main figures and singer – Sade. In 1982, the musicians were allowed to speak at the opening act for Pride, and in May 1983 they had already made his own concert in the U.S.. Newly formed group of more and more attracted media attention, leaving the Pride in the shadows, which led to the final separation of the two groups.

In 1984, Sade released their first single Your Love Is King, and after a few months, followed by their debut album, Diamond Life, which took second place in the charts and later recognized as multi-platinum. The huge popularity of the group brought the single Smooth Operator, nominated for the award MTV Video Music Awards in two categories – Best Female Video and Best New Artist. Most of the 1985 Sade performed in concert tours, while working on a new creation Promise, released at the end of the year. As on the debut disc, the music was a gentle, modest and soulful guitar riffs in the style of soul and jazz. The album quickly climbed to the top of the charts in Britain and became a double platinum, and lead singer Sade Adu won the Grammy for Best New Artist. For eight months the band was on tour in the U.S. and UK, and when the schedule of concerts came to an end, the singer Sade was in the midst of the whirlpool of rumors according to which she was so depressed over a failed love, that she was addicted to drugs and facing a severe nervous breakdown.

Tired of concerts and unwanted media attention, Sade has decided to temporarily withdraw from social life, and returned to the scene only in 1988 with a new job Stronger Than Pride. Not betraying the expectations of fans and critics, the disc was a hit, and within two weeks of the sale was certified platinum. After a lengthy world tour in support of the album, Sade moved to Spain where she had to endure the separation, after a brief unsuccessful marriage to documentary filmmaker Carlos chips. Returning to London, she bought an old house and equipped in the basement of his own music studio. Re-gathering of all the musicians together, she began work on a new creation Love Deluxe, saw the light in 1992. Despite the long absence from the stage, fans have not forgotten the singer and the album sold very well. The single No Ordinary Love won the group a Grammy for Best RB Duo / Group, and was used as the soundtrack to the movie Indecent Proposal.

In 1996, Sade gave birth to a daughter of music producer Bob Morgan, and threw all their energies on raising a child, he moved to Jamaica. The new work of the performer came in 2000 and was known as Lovers Rock. Despite the top-end single By Your Side, and a Grammy for Best Vocal Pop Album, the disc has not achieved great success – the eighteenth line in the UK, third in the U.S. and gold status for sales results. After spending the next year on tour in America, the singer has once again proved that fame and attention she did not need, again leaving the world of music. Craving for creativity returned her to the scene only in 2010 when he was released sixth album, Soldier Of Love. Ten-year break would be commercial suicide for many artists, but not for Sade, whose fans are distinguished by patience, dedication and understanding of the fact that the music should be created when the musicians have something to say. The self-titled album single, released in late 2009, made history by immediately hitting on 11 in the charts Urban Hot AC, which was recognized as the best debut of the decade. All the album's sound is very harmonious, showing a close spiritual relationship between the band members, vocalist and his voice has not changed in 25 years of work – a graceful, gentle and soothing singing is still good to hear.