Simian Mobile Disco Biography

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Simian Mobile Disco Biography


Simian Mobile Disco – is an electronic dance project initiators which were made by two musicians, James Ellis Ford and James Anthony Shaw. This guys are working with the late nineties, and they have extensive experience DJs, music producers and songwriters. Their joint musical career started in the boys college years, and their first performances took place in the apartment they rented. In the end, they were joined by two other men, thereby completing the formation of the band called Simian. It seemed that the whole idea could turn into a very successful project, which will give concerts at major venues and sell their records huge circulations. Apparently, the great musicians versed in his craft, because the number of fans Simian grew with each passing day. Interfere with the electronics group of rock, which in those days was a very promising trend. But one day the two of James, the founders of the team realized that they were originally aspired to a different purpose. The boys left the ranks and became Simian performing in clubs, not on stage, playing different music.

The duo became known as Simian Mobile Disco, and the reserve for new developments has been created because the musicians have already got the fans, playing in his former group. The first record companies, who have been working with this formation, were independent labels Kitsune, and I'm A Cliche, whose owners were good old friends of the participants duo. These labels have released first singles Simian Mobile Disco, which consisted of tracks in the style of Electronics, written entirely in the home studio that is not the highest quality recording, had no effect on the content of the material. James Ford has continued to actively engage in producing and considerable activity has reached in this field. In particular, they album produced by a group called Klaxons Myths of the Near Future was awarded the Mercury Music Prize. Meanwhile, the recording studio albums of their own was not a primary concern for Simian Mobile Disco, as they preferred to speak before an audience and create a separate track in collaboration with different artists. Participation in the Club NME Tour campaign greatly expanded the audience of the duo. As a result, the band went on a major label, which took up the release of their debut album.

This is the company's Wichita Recordings, published the first studio album Simian Mobile Disco in summer 2007 under the title Attack Decay Sustain Release. Both members of the duo tried to make it sound crude, deliberately leaving in it some rough edges, thereby creating the effect of improvisation. Despite the fact that the promotion of the album was not performed at the proper level, and become familiar with the plate is much less music fans than its creators wanted to, the work of critics liked it. It is clearly heard the echoes of the eighties and nineties, time dance hits, full of enthusiasm and passion that come up on the go. Realizing that they are on the right track, the guys from Simian Mobile Disco returned to the studio very soon. In 2008 they produced a collection of remixes of songs from their first album, Hold And Sample: Attack Decay Sustain Release Remixed. Around the same time, Ford has joined forces with Alex Turner (from the group Arctic Monkeys) and Miles Kane (from the group The Rascals), to establish the project The Last Shadow Puppets. Their debut album became one of the nominees for the Mercury Music Prize. In winter 2009 Simian Mobile Disco have started preparations for the second studio album. He went on sale in the summer. The plate is called Temporary Pleasure. A year later, the musicians once again pleased with his audience a strong longpleem Delicacies (2010). Tracks are consistent with the name of Delicacies, because the songs borrowed their names from the various dishes and delicacies, which the musicians have tried during the world tours. This time the album feels stronger techno influence, but the sound of Simian Mobile Disco is still difficult to be confused with anybody else.