Underworld Biography

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Underworld Biography

BUnderworld Biography

ritish electronic band Underworld was formed in 1980, but the founders of the band Karl Hyde and Rick Smith met in the late seventies, while studying at the University of Cardiff. Young people worked part time in a small cafe, where many young musicians hang out. Then Karl and Rick formed a band Freur, which has signed a contract with CBS Records and released two albums: Doot-Doot (1983) and Get Us Out Of Here (1986). In 1986, the band broke up Freur, but a new group – Underworld.

Underworld's debut studio album was released in 1988 and was named Underneath The Radar. An interesting concept is sound and relished the audience, and in 1989 the band released their second LP Change The Weather, which was represented by well-known song Stand Up. In 1991, to Karl and Rick joined Darren Emerson, and in 1994 the trio released a strong album Dubnobasswithmyheadman, which showed a change in style and go to trance. The album received great reviews, and students rated it highly. Thus, the band decided in which direction they will continue to work: in 1996 they released the album Second Toughest In The Infants, turned out to be so interesting as its predecessor. This was followed by a highly successful LP Beaucoup Fish (1999). One even called music edition Beaucoup Fish «e The Dark Side Of The Moon» Legendary Pink Floyd, but this comparison speaks volumes about the level of the plate Underworld.

Discography musicians supplemented the original studio album A Hundred Days Off in 2002. In the compositions of the elements appear ambient and lounge, which certainly gave a new coloring creativity Underworld. Five years later, the band released LP Oblivion With Bells (2007), kept the mood to relax and if you want relaxation: ambient notes presented at the Hundred Days Off, did not disappear. The new album Underworld – Barking, was released in 2010 and received great reviews of experts, and the expectations of the fans were completely justified. Traditionally, strong work, Barking will satisfy old fans and the team, and all lovers of quality electronic music.