20 years ago, died a man of legend Freddie Mercury

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20 years ago, died a man of legend Freddie Mercury

N20 years ago, died a man of legend Freddie Mercury

ovember 24, 1991 fight against AIDS Freddie Mercury ended in his defeat – it happened just a day after he announced his illness.

Musicians and fans from around the world have expressed their respect and condolences on the passing away of one of the most innovative and brilliant rock musicians in the world. In honor of Freddie April 20 at Wembley Stadium hosted a tribute concert, which gave birth to a charity for AIDS Mercury Phoenix Trust, created in honor of Queen and Freddie musicians Jimom Beachom his executor.

The worlds largest agency France Press has published the following note: The Queen continues to rule the world after 20 years since the death of Freddie: Freddie Mercury died 20 years ago, but his star shines more brightly, and the popularity is as strong as ever . The British rockers, this year celebrating the 40th anniversary of the creation, are among the most successful musicians in the world, a huge number of entries, with most of them in the past 20 years.

Brian May and Roger Taylor are busy as ever, and such songs as Bohemian Rhapsody and Dont Stop Me Now, became an instant classic. The Independent called his death a minor point in his career. Learn more about sell Rolex.

Years later, from the generation that grew up on his music, there were artists like Lady Gaga, Robbie Williams, Foo Fighters and Muse.

Mercury died at age 45 in his London home from bronchial pneumonia caused by AIDS.

Queen singer will always be remembered for the unforgettable live performances, stunning and captivating vocals and a huge number of hits, including such songs as We Are The Champions, Killer Queen, Crazy Little Thing Called Love. Musical We Will Rock You, which appeared in 2002, is still going on the London stage and traveled around the world – from Australia to South Africa, from Japan to Europe and Las Vegasa.Interes to the person Freddy is so strong that about him now , the film is removed, the main role plays in which Sacha Baron Cohen (he tells about a musicians career up to the teams triumphant appearance at the Live Aid concert in 1985). Although it is not physically with us, his presence is stronger than ever, – wrote Mae on the 65th anniversary of Freddie sentyabre.On always been the embodiment of the perfect frontman – an unbeatable channel exchange of energy between band and audience. He absorbed his life, he celebrated every minute. And, as a great comet, left a bright trail that will shine for many pokoleniy.23 November 1991 Mercury made an official statement saying that he had AIDS. Within 24 hours he fell into a coma and passed away, keeping his illness a secret, and never complained about his stradaniya.Ego death caused a major stir and allow to break the blockade of the disease and ignoring the situation going on in the interview Afrike . V in 1987, he said Davidy Wiggy, that is not afraid to be lonely rich old man of seventy. Ive lived a full life, and if I die tomorrow, it will not be saddened by this. I did everything I wanted. Born Farrokh Bulsara Parsi descent, born September 5, 1946 at the East African island of Zanzibar, he studied at the English boarding school in India, was a shy teenager and came to London with his family in 1964 because of the revolution on Zanzibare.Ego classic pose is considered the embodiment of the tour in 1986 with his hand raised up in a suit and standing on the stage, as reflected in the monument, which is set at Montreux in Shveytsarii.Kogda his colleagues in the group understood that it is able to complete work on recent records that were made in the rare moments of improvement in 1991, they started working on new material at the basis of the album Made In Heaven., he refused treatment as soon as he could without pet.Zhit Mercury was not easy. Mae plunged into a deep depression, exacerbated by the loss of his father and a divorce and thinking about suicide.

As Mae Taylor in the 90 released two solo albums, but despite all efforts, they have not perceived separately, and they faded under the legacy of the Queen.

Bassist John Deacon in 1997, decided to hide from the public, while May and Taylor were not opposed to the continuation of his career.

The musical We Will Rock You, launched in 2002, paid off and breathed new life into the music of Queen, allowing fans to enjoy a live performance hits. Followers who have looked it is more than 13 million people worldwide, and only in London, he looked more than 5.5 million. It is planned to continue, which will use the songs are not sung in the musical.

In 2005, the Queen returned to the world platform, along with vocalist Paul Rodgers Free, recorded studio album under the name of Queen Paul Rodgers The Cosmos Rocks (2008). As part of the tour they performed in Kharkov, where the free show has gathered 350,000 chelovek.Po to a number of sources, due out next years mini-album of duets, and Freddie Jackson, and a new studio album, which will be the basis for the entries made in the the early 80s.