Bruce Dickinson is planning to revive the British airline

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Bruce Dickinson is planning to revive the British airline


Bruce Dickinson, frontman of Iron Maiden, the British promised to revive the airline, which came under external management.

Bruce Dickinson intends to continue working in the aviation industry, despite the closure of Astraeus Airlines, where he worked as a captain of the 747.

Gatvikskaya company Astraeus came under external management on Monday, 21 November – and by coincidence, that Dickinson was a captain on the last voyage of this company from Jeddah to Manchester.

Commented Bruce Dickinson: I was very amused that nothing in this case smyslyaschie people have decided that I was thrown out in connection with the closing of Astraeus. More knowledgeable people in my community know that in my world, all will continue.

Well, first of all, Im working on a plan to rescue the Astraeus, or at least create a new business for my friends and former colleagues of Astraeus. This is a serious plan to develop people who are very good in their field.

Honestly, now freed from Astraeus imposed Icelandic owners of a business model that, to be honest, do not fully understand the principle of operation of commercial airlines, and how to behave in this market, I see the potential for profitable operations, which may lead to acquisition of the company. Therefore, there is no reason why the old business model that made Astraeus, perhaps one of the best companies in the sector can not be revived in order to benefit the company by former workers, their partners and customers.

Secondly, I am now working on a project that will create at least 1500 jobs in the civil aviation sector in South Wales. It should be very good news.

Third, I have gone too far in the development of pilot training – Real World Aviation, which will be ideal for solving problems of the aviation industry, it was created for the education of newly qualified pilots. For some reason in these difficult financial times there is a shortage of qualified pilots.

I am very optimistic about these projects, in particular – to revive the Astraeus in one form or another. With the elimination of the owners from Iceland were lifted a huge burden and barriers to modernization and development potential. Enthusiasm is also fueled by the flow of messages that I received, once turned on my phone after landing last flight Astraeus on Monday, and, of course, because of interest in a number of promising investorov.Ya back at the helm of an aircraft before going to very old, but I can also lead the company that owns this airliner, and some people like it.