Former Weezer bassist found dead

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Former Weezer bassist found dead

EFormer Weezer bassist found dead

x-bassist of the American rock band Weezer Mickey Welch (Mikey Welsh) was found dead in a hotel room.

The tragedy happened on October 8 in Chicago Hotel Raffaello. Musician barricaded himself in a room in the evening and never left him all night. By noon the next day, officers opened the hotel room and found a 40-year-old Welch lying on the bed with no signs of life. According to the preliminary conclusion of the coroner, the cause of death was a heart attack, caused, as expected, an overdose of drugs.

Paradoxically, the musician foresaw his own death – September 26, he wrote in his Twitter blog:

I have such a desire: peace and quiet to die of a heart attack in Chicago next weekend, listening to online radio.

It is possible that Mickey Welch deliberately gone out of life. Experts do not rule out a suicide attempt, but the final conclusion will be made public only after the autopsy.

Mickey Welch joined Weezer in 1997 and acted as a group until 2001. In 2001 he suffered a mental disorder that is associated with prolonged use of drugs and alcohol. But the desire to leave the band musician expressed his own: he said that he was leaving the music for a career artist. Instead, it took the place of bassist Scott Shriner.

From 2002 to 2008 Welch active drawing, his work has been exhibited in galleries in Manhattan and London. Figure Welch graced the cover of one of the albums of Twin Berlin. But with the 2008 drug again sucked musician. Mickey Welch has left a wife and two children.