In Helsinki, the trials are based on the book of Nightwish

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In Helsinki, the trials are based on the book of Nightwish

TIn Helsinki, the trials are based on the book of Nightwish

he husband of former Nightwish vocalist Tarjai Turunen, Marcelo Cabuli and his business partners, require the parties, who published a book about the band Nightwish, entitled Once Upon a Nightwish: The Official Biography 1996-2006 about 100 000 euro (previously featured in the amount of 50,000 euros) in compensation for libel. The lawsuit refers to the publishing house Like Kustannus Oy and the author of the book – Marko Mape Ollila.

According to the, on Tuesday in the Helsinki district court began a hearing; Cabuli and its Brazilian business partners claim that the false insinuations and accusations contained in the book, led them to financial losses and suffering caused.

Argentine businessman requires more than 50 000 euro compensation and its three Brazilian partner 15,000 each.

Cabuli abandoned some of his earlier claims, for example, that the author and publisher must suffer a more severe punishment, because Cabuli is a citizen of Argentina. Learn more about biography of aishwarya rai.

Director Like Kustannus Oy Paivi Isosaari Ollila, and reject the claim and insist that the 380-page book, which records the chronicle of Nightwish, starting with the founding team and to the point where he got the status of one of the most successful symphonic metal bands in the world including the circumstances that led to the departure Turunen, written the truth. Isosaari Ollila and claim that they had reason to believe that the information published in the book are true. They intend to name the sources Ollila, including the influential businessmen of the music industry, urging them to witness.

I really read the text and allowed him to publish, so I am responsible for the release of the book, – said in an interview Isosaari, which gave the newspaper Ilta-Sanomat in 2009, the year.

Turunen was fired from Nightwish year prior to the moment when the book was published.

In his review of this book Jarkko Jokelainen of Helsingin Sanomat wrote: The book is clearly stated that blame for the break with a female vocalist Marcelo Cabuli, husband and personal manager Tarjai Turunen. With each read Page charges against Argentine Cabuli becoming more significant and vesomee.Marcelo Cabuli depicted in the book of money-hungry, unfair, oppressive and manipulative manager who was involved in the devices solo career of his wife, and drove a wedge between her and the rest of the power-metal band.

Business relationships in Nightwish, and drawing up plans for touring became a painful exercise, as the Latino climbed into action at every turn.

Against this background, the sum embarrassing situation, as the defendant himself was not given the word in the book, although other sources close to the group, given the right to express their opinions. Even Tarja Turunen was not able to comment on the actions of his muzha.Vozmozhno that the responsibility for the decision rests with the couple, but this does not detract from the fact that this is the biggest drawback of the book. The author Marko Mape Ollila tried to be impartial in their assessments, but for the reasons stated above, the book becomes a speech on behalf of the male and the other figures in the background.

Based on the information contained in the book, it seems that the group was divided into two opposing camps, and both sides of the story can not exist between the covers of this book.