Online Competition covers of Paul McCartney

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Online Competition covers of Paul McCartney

SOnline Competition covers of Paul McCartney

ir Paul McCartney has announced an online contest on the covers of his solo song Maybe Im Amazed.

On the start of the competition McCartney told by an official microblog on Twitter.

To enter the contest you want to record your own version of the song Maybe Im Amazed and add it to the video format on YouTube, making a formal response to the video Maybe Im Amazed. The winner will be the video, which collects the most stamps I like (Like). Official contest dates – from May 26 to June 23, 2011. To participate will be allowed only videos uploaded during that period of time. The winner will receive a set of three reprinted in the deluxe version of the McCartney solo albums: McCartney, McCartney II and Band On The Run. This is the second official contest covers, which takes McCartney on YouTube. In 2010, the band competed in the performance of another ex-Beatles hit Band On The Run. Song Maybe Im Amazed was first published on the album McCartney in 1970. It was written shortly before the breakup of The Beatles and devoted wife of Paul – Linda. After the release of the song got into the rotation of a large number of radio stations and became a hit, despite the fact that McCartney refused to release it in the form of, among other singla.V cover version of Maybe Im Amazed made in 1971 by members of the band The Faces. In 2010, the song performed by singer Norah Jones and former drummer for Nirvana, and Foo Fighters leader Dave Grohl after the award ceremony McCartney Kennedy Center (Kennedy Center Honors).