The Cars released a new album

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The Cars released a new album

AThe Cars released a new album

merican rock band The Cars have returned once again with his new album, which was the first work of children for more than twenty years.

The album, called Move Like This has already appeared on the shelves of music stores a few days ago, namely, on May 10.

Work on the new disc combines the four original members of the group composition: keyboardist Greg Hawkes, guitarist Elliot Easton, drummer David Robinson and singer Ric Ocasek. The fifth team member bassist Benjamin Orr died in 2000 from cancer.

The Cars The group has existed since the 1976-1988 year. Musicians in the United States had a decisive influence on the formation of such a style as a new-wave. For twelve years the collective has released six CDs. The last date for the album was released in 1987 under the title Door To Door.

Sidev a cup of coffee, I suddenly realized that we now hold on, to meet again? From the moment we have with the guys one last time on a stage has been a long time. Together, we are always very easy to operate, and no one else will do the job better. We understand each other perfectly. So I decided, why should I hire someone and record another solo album, if it is possible to record a new CD The Cars? – Said in an interview with Ric Ocasek. During his career, we have released only six albums. Ive always been convinced that the scene Cars went too early because the group was capable of more. And now, perhaps its time to check it – said David Robinson.

The producer of the new album, which was called Move Like This was Garret Jacknife Lee, better known for work with REM, U2, Editors and Snow Patrol.Vsego disk consists of ten tracks. The song Sad Song was presented to the public as the first single in early March of this year. In addition to the daily release of the album kicks off a tour of The Cars in the US.