Badminton as a sport

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Most of us met for the first time with what they consider to badminton, in summer vacation – at the beach, in the country, in the park, etc. But hilarious fun scooping each other shuttle in the clearing has little to do with badminton as a sports game.

Real sport badminton is ideologically similar martial arts with all their contrasts – hard and soft pressure compliance, flexible cunning and persistently aggressive, explosive attacks, uncontrolled and protracted rallies shuttlecock. But it is rather unpleasant exchange of heavy blows – mediated interaction partners through easy shuttlecock. It is no accident badminton gained tremendous popularity and spread in Asian countries – China, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, and Malaysia. Average Asian players is much higher than in Europe.

However, in recent decades, and in Europe there is something like a badminton boom. Today, Europe is already strong competition to Asia. The most widespread and popular badminton acquired in such European countries as Denmark, Sweden, England, and Germany. Learn more about badminton Courts.

In Denmark, for example, badminton – the second most popular sport after football! This is not surprising – after all badminton at least a spectator sport than, for example, the same tennis. Through commercial channels (NTV +) regularly broadcast the World Grand Prix championships, worlds and Olympic tournaments on this game.

In the performance of these masters badminton – a dynamic and vysokoatletichnaya game. The athlete requires qualities such as general and speed endurance, excellent coordination, and explosive reaction force. Moreover, the totality of all of these qualities to be very harmonious. Training process and the game promotes the development and improvement of all these qualities. Players can even average run through one draw up to 100 meters. And for a game this size can reach several kilometers. And it is not just jogging, and the set of starting acceleration, jumping and jerking, followed by strikes the shuttle at the rate 0.5 – 0.7 beats per second.

Not surprisingly, in the process of committing technical actions on the court, badminton amateur pulse reaches 135 – 180 beats per minute. Athletes high-end heart rate may climb even higher – up to 200 beats / min or more.