Cleaning in Express mode

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Anyone familiar feeling of panic when the phone rings, and a voice in the receiver reports: “Almost there”? Guests! This news is almost always catches us by surprise, but if you follow the simple rules, the apartment can be put in order for a half-hour and not lose face.

So, if the theater begins with a hanger, all the apartments start from … the toilet. Yes, it is, with it, darling! And so in the first place – there! Ideally, toilet, bath and all the hygienic place must always be perfectly clean, but that’s not to morality, it is, as they say, by the way. My grandmother always said that if you want to know that the man in the head – look for him a toilet, and then decide – to deal with him or not … To these thoughts have not visited your guests begin our unscheduled cleaning the toilet!

· Clean the toilet. To do this, you can use any acid-based gel. “Sanitary”, “hedgehog”, “Titan”, and so do the toilet immediately glowing. “Domestos” does not work as fast, but if the toilet is relatively clean, and it will be matched.

· Quickly wipe cloth (sponge) soaked in a solution of “Domestos” (a few drops in a bucket of water), the walls, the floor and the toilet seat. Then, once again wipe it clean with a sponge. Learn more at

· Mat, if there is one, clear out of sight – for cleaning do not have time.

· Do not forget to put a new roll of toilet paper or napkins

Finished cleaning the toilet? Now – a run to the bathroom! Remember that guests may well go there. Operate virtually the same way as cleaning toilets.

· Rinse and wipe with a sponge bath and sink

· Remove any excess in the closet

· Wipe the shelf and mirror

· Hang clean towels

· If the mats in the bathroom is not the first freshness, better remove them in the closet

Now start cleaning the room in which you will be receiving guests.

· Take a box or bag, there will I bestow all that is not in place, remove the box in an inconspicuous area

· Wipe off dust

· If there is a mirror – clean with window cleaners (liquid in a bottle with a spray). If there is no fluid – wipe clean with a damp cloth and wipe dry with crumpled newspaper

It remains to remove the kitchen.

· Soak the dirty dishes in the sink, adding dishwashing liquid (if there is no time – add up all the dirty dishes in a bowl and put in the closet or under the sink)

• wipe the cabinets, stove, table and wall work.

· Remove all unnecessary in wardrobes. Do not try to clean it

· Rinse the dishes, wipe it off and store it in a closet

Got it? Yes, it came out. Now all you have to quickly wash and freshen up, take a breath and sit down in a chair, taking careless attitude … Waiting to receive the guests and the apartment you are ready!

If we left a couple of hours, you can take a vacuum cleaner, do wet cleaning of floors, more carefully proteretpyl. Difficult? No. The sequence of actions is somewhat different – kitchen, bathroom, toilet, bathtub. Why? Yes, because they shall be radiant! And even without the guests so should always be – in fact the most important guest in your own home – it is you and forget about it not worth it.