Cloud technologies

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We live in an age of innovation, technology, revolutionary interface and completely amazing electronic gadgets. But the transfer of data is still happening on the wire, right now there are technologies allowing to forget about usb and other data interfaces, as “Cloud” technology, more and more come to the masses.

Cloud technology is, in other words, the electronic storage of your data on the Internet, which allows you to store (it is not strange), edit as well as share interesting files and documents with friends and colleagues. Interested in the technology of computer giants such as:

Google, who created and promoted their product to the masses under the name Goole Docs. Probably the biggest this service and comfortable, and also has a number of advantages in the collective design of an instrument. For example, include a case of life when you live in Russia, and a colleague in France or in the United States, you can create or add to an existing document, and after a while to see the results of your partner, it is very convenient and clearly and helps save a lot of time. Learn more at

Mobile me. This product was created by Apple, which we ardently love. This service is designed for fast synchronization of all data from devices under iOS to your Mac OS. It seems to be nothing revolutionary there, but the invention of the apple can also store a variety of data, be it video or favorite album, or even a presentation or other documents are important to you. True to use this miracle can be free only for 60 days, after which you will need to make a paid subscription, which would cost about 100 $.

Various electronic storage of music or video clips can also be considered as cloud resources as well as on such sites can upload the content is anything that gives multimillion library data to be shared. Imagine that any DJ will fill his new composition in such an electronic data bank and will give a link on Twitter or fesbuke. What I want to say, but I want to say next, that such resources and services to save time and simplify the transfer of data.

The same DropBox (client desktop version) allows to throw a folder or group of files in a directory to automatically upload to your account, all selected files to It is very easy and simple, and all the favorite feature Drop & Drag once again surprise you, as well as appreciate their new application.

As for mobile gadgets, it is all very simple. When you record a podcast or editing a document, the question arises, how it viewed on the computer is not doing unnecessary actions, in fact, in many applications from the App Store is the ability to synchronize documents and files on your account to, allowing you to view and download to your PC or Mac a certain document.

Use only the best and advanced features!