Ford Fiesta and rivals

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Home Ford Focus car assembly plant in Vsevolozhsk – is perhaps the most important automotive event last fall. It overshadowed all other news, including the start of sales in Russia other Ford models – Fiesta. But we could not leave the event without attention.

Especially since the previous generation Fiesta has always been known honed driving dynamics. However, regardless of the outcome of this meeting, we will not predict the market success of the Fiesta. First, Ford Fiesta, even though lower class, costs about as much as the Focus in the near equipment. Second, among the competitors in the Fiesta Russia – Volkswagen Polo, Citroen C3 and Peugeot 206.

With them we also compare the Fiesta.

All cars – five-door hatchbacks with engines of 1.4 liters. Prices – from 12,850 euros for Peugeot 206 to 16,250 euros for Volkswagen Polo Highline.

The new Fiesta has remained true to Ford’s corporate style of New Edge. Familiar combination of right arcs and sharp corners, the familiar half-open “mouth” false radiator grille and large eyes-lights. But behind the Fiesta is not as expressive. Perhaps, this design can be called successful, but a masterpiece – perhaps …

Volkswagen Polo is also faithful to the traditions of the company. Small but very serious car enliven a round headlights. Without them, Polo and does become a miniature copy of the Golf. Learn more at

But Citroen and Peugeot – these are truly original and, moreover, very beautiful.

Fiesta’s interior is moderately strict and balanced, and the front part of the refresh (literally and figuratively) four “nozzle” ventilation system with rotating bars. Like a standard audio control panel, divided into three functional areas. Top – CD-changer for six discs, below – tuner with LCD display, and is even lower – a separate unit with selection buttons for stations (or drive).

Inside Polo everything correctly and strictly: it – like a little Passat and Golf. Well, there are at least two of the original item, “lite” chetyrehspitsevy wheel and two long shelves behind the front – in the fall here is possible to attach an umbrella, and in winter – gloves.

Citroen alive, not only externally but also internally. Wavy front panel (dark top, light bottom) decorated with the same balls ventilation grilles, as on the Fiesta. Wide vertical spokes on the wheel of the Citroen recalls the sixties, when one of the many business cards these machines were wheels with one needle. Beautiful. But not very soundly: looking more closely, you realize that all this is made out of cheap plastic, there is uneven shovchik there – zazorchik. And the impression is not the same.

Peugeot 206 saloon, too, does not possess the quality of materials – it’s as “plastic” as sitroenovsky. But also beautiful, stylish, although in another mood.

Sitting in the driver’s seat of the Fiesta, a man who had to sit behind the wheel of a modern sports car, will feel familiar. What is it? Seat? No, the usual. Steering wheel? Yes, he’s good and diameter, and friction properties (kozha!), but in form – the most traditional. But on the location … In the absence of emission control (only height adjustable) steering wheel is a little closer to the driver than on other machines. And today, many riders prefer to sit at the helm pretty close. But the main thing – it’s the gears in spite of the fact that his arm is high and electoral movements are short and very clear – just like on a sports cam box.

Fiesta will appeal tall drivers – even with height 190 cm at the wheel is not close. But little to complain about the insufficient rise of the seat – the vertical adjustment range is smaller than the C3 and Polo. Moreover, up and down moves, not all seat and only his pillow. But the main drawback – lack of rest areas left foot. And uncomfortable heated seat buttons are located – in the end of pillows, where they can not be seen.

Most carefully workplace ergonomics driver worked for Polo. Bump seat secures the body, and its wide range of adjustment to help get three driving everything from small to large. And the steering wheel is adjustable for height, not only, but also on the flight. All buttons, knobs in place. The only “flaw” – “Ultraviolet” illumination devices, which greatly complicates the perception of information in the dark. But beautiful.

On the organization driving the workplace French cars are inferior German. In the Peugeot driving several closely, no seat height adjustment. And the long-stroke gear lever is not so good. But the trump card Peugeot 206 was and is a beautiful drive. And in Peugeot’s largest glove!

Citroen is not far behind – is already two glove compartments, and between them there is room for bags! But driving is not as comfortable as in the German machines: self drive thin profile, the seat could be better, but his height adjustment inconvenient. A device? Instead of the speedometer dial – digital tachometer and more like an old radio dial: see the arrow cursor is not easy. But the original.

The rear seats – the Achilles’ heel of small cars. If you are sitting in front of the driver and passenger high, the rear seat is only for children. That is the case in Citroen. Peugeot several spacious interior. But here’s another problem: the input-output – a truncated rear door. Squeezing into the cabin in slushy weather, passengers will certainly get dirty clothes on the dirty thresholds.

Fiesta and Polo in this sense is more hospitable. In both machines, people rise 190 cm good shrink “himself for a” barely touching the knee front seatback. And in the winter the rear passengers will be less to complain about the cold: in the area of ​​the feet – some ducts. And the French machines these ducts terminate at the central tunnel in the zone shift lever.

The most comfortable boot – at Fiesta: here is a great doorway at the smallest loading height. Volkswagen slightly worse – the lower part of the opening narrowed by lanterns. Still less convenient racks Peugeot and Citroen. The first volume is small, and no luck with the second level of equipment. In other trim Citroen C3 is equipped with a double floor Moduboard, with which you can transform the luggage compartment. Very handy thing – we checked. But “pure” sitroenovsky trunk too deep – to get out of heavy things uncomfortable.

And pleased that all four machines are equipped with a full-size “spare tire.”

Leader in accelerating dynamics of – Volkswagen Polo: accelerating and it’s great at medium and high speeds. In many ways – through the “short” transmission: in the second Polo only accelerates to 80 km / h on the third does not reach the 120 km / h By the way, the rev limiter is activated quite early – at 5800 rev / min. At Fiesta speed limits on the same programs by about 10 km / h above, and despite the more powerful engine (according to the data producers), Fiesta makes Polo get ahead. But for ease of acceleration control these cars – one of our kind, and the berries are ripe, fast and accurate response to the gas, crisp gear change, even a set of speed throughout the rev range.