General cleaning of the house

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Why a maid in the house?

To disinfect – reduce the number of respirable dust, destroy harmful microorganisms, do not give fruitful household pests.
Prevents premature aging of objects that surround us.
Nurture their aesthetic sense: we want to be comfortable in the house, that he looked good.
Out of habit or out of imitation.

Good housewives believe that spring cleaning should hold at least 3 times a year. We start with windows. Curtains go into the washing machine. My first frames, window sills and slopes, and then glazed. Of course, we wash the glass with Mr. Muscle. By the way, euro windows (or rather, evrostekla) can be removed from the frame, refer to the bath, the bottom of which is reasonable to put the bath mat to avoid damaging the enamel (along with mat wash). With shower and wash off with a cloth glasses accumulated dirt. The windows should be left to the side drain.

At this time, sweep off the ceiling and walls of dust with a brush coated with a dry cloth. If you help your spouse, then this operation trust her (him), connecting it to a vacuum cleaner. He also confides to clean sofas, beds, paintings, bookshelves and everything, where you can collect dust. Learn more about carpet cleaning Perth.

Go to the floor. Movable furniture (sofas, chairs, tables, chairs) is shifted from their places. Carefully (it’s not often we do!) Sweep off baseboards and corners. All of this preparation to wash the floor. Stone floors good rinse with plenty of water (not zhadnichaya) with shampoo for sex. Then he drove the water to the side with a rubber squeegee attachment and collect, and the last stage – wipe the floor dry with a well-wrung cloth. Derevanny – with my floor soap or detergent (remember that this is general (!) Cleaning.

Go back to the windows (if eurowindows). My way to them and return the glasses in place. The curtains had already washed and wet we have them hung on the right ledge instead of ropes for drying clothes (why double posting – too lazy). Here, it will dry and otvisnut evenly and stroking them, again, would not be necessary.

Cleaning the bathroom and toilet.

First of all, remove the curtain over the bath (the same one that was overgrown with slime and we’ve always wanted to throw). She comes from a water-repellent fabric, notice? Soak it in a solution of bleach containing chlorine – it perfectly removes mildew stains and moisture. In a large bowl collect all the jars, sklyanochki, flasks and bottles with endless open shelves. Now is sprayed on the walls, a bathtub, sink and taps, ceramic cleaner and remove lime from the water. The water we have more rigid and anti-bloom without special tools – it is almost hopeless.

Smear out the foam and leave it for a while (that which is necessary to have time to process the toilet cleaner and leave it on the wall for a time, during which the walls and wash off with plenty of water bath). Go back to the toilet and wash off all traces of cleaning. Rinse and hang the curtain in place. It remains to wash the mirror, wiped the floor and back-washed the dust-sklyanochki jars, vials, bottles to their seats. All.