How to arrange workouts at home

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They came to the gym and do not know where to start? Or decide to do exercises at home, but are not sure exactly what exercises to do? In such cases, great rescues workouts. It takes only half an hour, for which you should bring the body in tone. If you repeat exercises regularly, you will easily be able to lose weight and strengthen muscles.

In general, circuit training – it’s consistent work with all the muscle groups in one session. The principle of this training is simple: pick 10 exercises, do them one by one minute rest – and again. Professional athletes use this technique to develop endurance. They believe that at the moment you need to rest, roughly speaking, dying of stress, breath, and if it does not, then you are careless. Perhaps this approach is too radical – are starting to take the heaviest weight and do the most difficult exercises we should not. To get started, simply make a list of simple exercises that involve all the muscle groups and do you like (this is important), and start a regular “approaches to the projectile” at home, in the gym or on the streets. Learn more about jam core training.

Pros circuit training:

1. It helps to lose weight and not gain muscle.

2. It is well suited for beginners – it’s basic training for the entire body.

3. It does not take long, and you can deal with at home.

4. Circuit training is selected on the basis of design: from the variety of exercises you can choose the ones that you like to try to get the load maximum pleasure.

What exercises to choose?

The simplest. Attacks on one leg, squatting, twisting and so on. First, they are able to meet any new entrant. Second, they provide the necessary load on different muscles, cycling, so the whole body. If you do the exercise in a vigorous pace, workout “turn” in the cardio and you will train more and heart. Also watch out for the pulse (here you have to verify the ONYX), once it reaches 70-80% of your maximum heart rate – which means you entered the “fat burning zone”, which you are likely to need for now.

List of exercises for circuit training might look like:

1. Squats with dumbbells – 20 reps

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, hands with dumbbells omitted. Shoulders deployed, stomach in, back straight (this starting position). Squat while lifting dumbbells forward to the horizontal. Do not slouch, keep balance, make sure that the knee does not go forward over the toe. Do not squat too low, the thighs should be horizontal or above the knee.

That swing: thighs, buttocks.

2. Lunges – 15 reps on each leg

Stand up to the starting position. Take a big step forward on the heel, shifting weight to the front foot, slightly bending your back and lift it on the toe. One hand while bending at the elbow, turning the palm forward and lift the dumbbells to your chest. Return to starting position and repeat with the other leg, bending the other hand.

That swing: the legs.

3. Tilt – 20 reps on each side

Stand with feet together, pull the stomach. Tilted to the side alternately, with one hand lower the hips along as low as possible. Another at this time bend and pull to armpit.

That swing: the diagonal abdominal muscles (useful for waist).

4. Leg raises – 20 reps on each leg

Lie on a mat on the right side, right foot on the floor, his head bent rely on his right hand. Straighten the left leg, pulling sock. Raise the leg parallel to the floor and shook his leg up and down with an amplitude of 5-10 cm

That swing: the outer surface of the thigh.

5. Ups of hands and feet – 20 repetitions

Lie down on your stomach, pulling his arms and legs. On the exhale, simultaneously raise your right hand and left foot. On the inhale back to the starting position. Repeat with the other arm and leg.

That swing: oblique abdominal muscles.

6. Twists – 20 reps

Lie on your back, legs bent at the knees, feet on the floor. On the exhale, tensing your abdominal muscles, raise the shoulders, inhale, return to the starting position.

That swing: the upper abs.

7. The rise of the pelvis – 20 repetitions

Again, lie down on your back, hands behind his head. Legs bend and crosses, and then begins to rise, trying to bring your knees to your chest. Head and shoulders off the floor at the same time should not come off.